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Digital Brand Strategist  I'm AJ Adams 🤑CEO of @D6MediaCo #DontCompeteDominate I show entrepreneurs how to expand their influence and build their legacy. ⤵️⤵️

My business plan in six words.
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#ProsperityWithPurpose #GetRich #GiveGenerously

Money💰is great. Positive impact is even better. Power is nice. But it all means nothing if you're not fighting for something deeper and bigger than you.
What are you fighting for? What will keep you in the fight when the haters come after you? What will keep you #savage when you need to be?
COMMENT below and tell me what your fighting for👊🏾💥 #FightTheGoodFight #Haters

📷: @iamjordangilman
The biggest problem with social media is that most people only show their wins and the finished results, rather than the down moments and struggle they went through to get to that point.
In reality, it’s all about those long nights you spend alone working on your dream. The sacrifices you make to better your life and the lives of those around you. 👑
The beauty of success lies in the journey.
Learn to embrace the process. 🙏

Keep pushing. Keep enduring. You’re almost there. I promise. Your adversity is developing in you the strength to carry the wait of your future success. [Full video via link in bio] #AdversityCreatesStrength

I guarantee that if you’re honest with yourself, you’ll realize that your only true obstacle to living the life you want is your perception of yourself. Change that and everything will change. #ConfidenceIsAChoice

Authenticity always wins. Come real and come correct in every situation. You can sell 💩, but in the end the lies will catch up and destroy you. Be who you are. Do what you sell. Sell your truth. #SellYourTruth

Quick photo op with @jackcanfield_official . #Epic

Recap of an epic weekend, speaking at @realkevinharrington’s Mastermind Investment Club this weekend with @bullmanncba and @gwriter . Gave massive value, and took away even more full-size.

Humbled to have the privilege to learn and be mentored by these legendary entrepreneurs. #NetworkIsNetworth

If your focus is making transactions, You’re already losing. Make a transaction and you’ve made a customer. Make an impact, make a connection, and you’ve made a loyal raving fan. Who do you think is going to buy again and promote your brand? Focus on impact in the income will take care of itself. #ImpactEqualsIncome

Wisdom from my business partner, the legend, @bullmanncba #Repost @bullmanncba
No product is guaranteed to remain a hot seller or stay on trend forever. For your brand to stay relevant, you must constantly innovate. Don’t focus on the past, do not get comfortable in the present, but always look toward the future of where your industry and the greater marketplace is going.
A perfect example of a brand that failed to innovate and subsequently, no longer exists is Blockbuster. While Netflix was innovating the movie rental industry by seeing where technology and digital media was going, Blockbuster stayed comfortable in the billion dollar success they had built. And after just a few years, as the internet and social media became more prevalent, brick and mortar movie rental became obsolete as consumers opted for digital streaming. In the end, Netflix took market share and Blockbuster went bankrupt. The lesson for you and I: #InnovateOrDie

Most people in the world are living by the narrative of their race, gender, culture, religion or other external factors. Get over that 💩‼️ ONLY God and you have the power to write your story. No one else can dictate the outcome of your life. But you must CHOOSE to become the author of your success story. It’s your story, go write an epic one👊🏾

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