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Rachel Bernard 

Great advice and great timing 😊


Dear Justin,
I know I haven't known you forever. I know I wasn't there for so many of the beautiful memories your friends and family have shared over the past few days. But in the few years I knew you, you taught me so much about what it is to be a good friend..a good sibling... a good child. I never had an older brother, but ever since I met you and @jaybold you two took that place. I look up to you both immensely. You were more kind and gentle hearted than most people can ever aspire to be in their lifetime. You were a beacon of light in a world that can get so very dark. I only wish you could be here to see how many people you brought together in your life, connected through the love we all share for you. I hope you know how much you meant to all of us. You're missed more than words can explain. We can all still feel your presence and I hope you're proud of where everyone goes from here. We're proud of everything you were and everything you taught us. We love you.
Rachel: your little sister in spirit

Gone too soon. We miss you Justin ❀
Amazing art by @paulryanscollective

No filter needed for this cutie. @oliverkittykitterson

Was on my ass more than the board, but had so much God damn fun. Thanks @clam_ent for trying to teach this horribly coordinated girl today πŸ™ƒ #snowboarding #icybum #practicemakesprogress

Very happy to be back from the hospital with my boys ❀❀

Thank you @clam_ent for bringing me flowers and my favorite soup while I'm sick in the hospital. Not the most romantic setting, but you made it a million times better ❀❀❀😘

I had it in my head, what I meant to say
This conversation isn't headed that way
I got a bad connection
Between my mind and my mouth
With the right intentions
All the wrong came out πŸ‘„

I have been blessed with the cutest little loaf of a cat ❀❀❀😭🐱

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