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Hard at work to make this movie everything you guys dream it to be! Also we hit the jackpot with our director because @gagebetterton (Jenny and her other half) are killing it with the script and I’m so thankful to be so involved in the process. We’re working on the end today eeek!! Also, did anyone see @juliagtelles testing out blonde hair yesterday?? I can’t wait to see her new hair! @hero_ft is laying low, just like Hardin would 🤣 How’s your day? Your week? Tell me all the things! #aftermovie 🎬

Hanging out with our Tessa @juliagtelles 😍 I can’t wait for you guys to see her in action, you will fall in love the way I have! #aftermovie

Meet your Hardin Scott, Hero Fiennes-Tiffin #AfterMovie 📽 @hero_ft

Meet your Tessa Young, Julia Goldani Telles. #AfterMovie 📽 @juliagtelles

I’m coming back from Colombia today and it’s been such an incredible time here. I had the opportunity to speak at public libraries and schools, along with the hundreds of you who came to see me at the book fair yesterday!
Also, who’s ready for movie news!!! It’s coming so freaking soon and we have started casting the side characters too and I’m freaking outttt. What scene are you most excited for? What character can you not wait to see on the big screen? I love this Hessa locksreen so much. I love when you guys make these, don’t forget to tag me! Love you all ❤️ I’ll be back with casting news 😳😝🙊 #hessa #aftermovie #afterseries

Hey guys! How’s your Wednesday? Me and ^ this guy are going on a California road trip today and stopping along the way to write wherever I feel inspired ✨ funny story, when we were 20 and Jordan was getting ready to go back to Iraq, I dreamed of living in Los Angeles and going to FIDM (I was obsessed with The Hills okay? Lol) and wanted to design makeup packaging so we drove from Texas to Los Angeles, with not nearly enough money or clue about the world and almost broke down in the desert in Arizona with no cell service. But we made it to LA and the traffic terrified me, there were too many people, but we fell in love with this city and dreamed of a life where we could possibly live here. Then the admissions woman told us how much college cost so we jumped back in our car and ate dollar menu meals the whole back to Texas 😂 We would still daydream about living in Los Angeles during our walks at night, but now here we are, living in Los Angeles, owning our own beautiful home here and living the freaking best life that two married teens from Ohio could ever freaking imagine. ❤️

Tell me your favorite line from any book and I’ll pick three winners to get a signed copy of After, The Spring Girls, and a @popsockets with my name on it (that sounds so weird but I swear it’s cute 😜) Also Happy Tuesday, how’s your day?
📷: @my.sophie

The 🌞 is back in LA and I’m pretty happy about it. This week is busy busy busy and I’m also pretty happy about that lol. Also- sooo excited because some of the international release dates for #TheBrightestStars are coming and I can’t wait to share my EPIC fall tour with you!! Eek. I’m going back to some of my favorite countries and get to visit a few I haven’t been to! This year is already a whirlwind and I’m so happy to have you on this journey with me. Another thing that’s making this year insane is the #aftermovie which I know you’re dying to know answers to but I can’t tell you yet- we are making very very very tough choices and we’re going as fast as possible but casting is such a HUGE part of the movie and we have have have to get it right. Keep an eye out for announcements and news. ❤️ Another also, I will be at in Los Angeles April 6-7 and I can’t freaking wait. I went last year and can honestly tell you it’s transformation in the most fun way possible. My girl @msrachelhollis is the badass behind this weekend and I can’t wait to cry while dancing and I hope there’s queso again. Tell me about your week and school and spring break and what book or movies you’re consuming, I need a new read/watch! Love you all ❤️ glam by: @tracewatkins 📸: @tracewatkins

This was on the wall of our hotel room in Rome last week. It was surely a sign from the universe and reminded me so much of Hessa. Do you every see random things that remind you of the After series? I miss being on the road but there’s nothing like coming home and my own bed! I had the best birthday ever yesterday and can’t thank you enough for the birthday wishes! Love you guys so so much ❤️ #rome #Hessa

Thank you guys so much for all the Birthday love! It means so much to me and it’s made my day so special. I can’t wait to see what this year brings, every year seems to get better than the last. My friends have gone out of their way to make my day as perfect as possible and Jordan got me the best cake and flowers- I can’t stop looking at them! 🦄😍 I’m a pretty freaking lucky girl. #birthdaygirl

Happiness is roaming the streets of Paris with my people. I can’t wait for the book fair Saturday, will I see you there? We have had the best time this week in Paris and tomorrow we’re taking a day trip to Rome! Any suggestions in Rome? I’ve been there a few times now but haven’t had a lot of free time to see things! This trip has been epic and the best way to celebrate mine and Jordan’s (looking exceptionally excited in the background lol) birthdays! Thank you all so much for making this crazy life of mine possible. I have no words for how grateful I am to all of you. ❤️ #teamtodddoesparis

My favorite people, my favorite artist, and my favorite city. #teamtodddoesparis

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