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Happy Friday! So, I’m holding our NINTH book!! Nine. n-i-n-e. Nine books published within three years and I’m so grateful to have such amazing readers by my side! This cover is just so beautiful 😍 This book is different from anything I’ve written so far and I hope you love it as much as I do. I hope you’ll find yourself in Jo, Meg, Beth, or Amy and will enjoy their journey. Okay, so I’m getting back to work so i can update that chapter of the brightest stars i promised. While I’m away, tag a friend for a chance to win an unedited ARC of this book signed by me 😍 #thespringgirls If you’re in th Los Angeles area, January 20th I’m hosting a release party at Barnes and Noble in the Grove!! Check my Facebook for more details 😘

Hey guys! I’m finally back on a normal-ish sleep pattern after my trip to Spain. I had the best time and can’t wait to come back. How is your week? Mine is a little intense because of the fires spreading through South California. The #skirballfire was so close to us and the sky is a big Grey cloud, it makes me sad to see this beautiful city in flames, as it has become my home. I feel so sad that people are losing their homes and animals are fleeing their home. Are any of you in the fire zones and if so, are you okay? Let me know please. Love you guys, I’m going to update a chapter of TBS in about two hours. Tell me about your week, if you met me in Spain tell me if you had fun, if you’re reading tbs tell me what you think, if you’re excited we have a director for our movie tell me!! 😂 tell me all the things

MOVIE NEWSSS: We have a director!!!! Her name is Jenny Gage and she’s a badass who is going to bring Hessa to life on the screen! Everyone show @jgibgot some majorrrr love because she has made this happen! THE MOVIE IS COMING GUYSSSS. Also, I’m in Madrid and I’m so happy to be back in Spain! Thank you for the amazing signing tonight and I can’t wait to meet more of my #Afterianas in Sevilla and Barcelona! Look how beautiful the Spring Girls is in Spanish😍The pages are pink on the edges! Guys the movie!! Im freaking out haha. Who do you want to see as the characters on the big screen? (I might be crying because this whole journey has been so life changing and it’s all because of you guys ❤️) #aftermovie

Happy Monday! This weekend went sooo fast and I literally did nothing because my mouth was killing me. No more dentists for me for a while lol. But now the week is starting and I’m so hyped because SO many things this week! How was your weekend? What did you do? Today I’m going to Twitter, like to their actual office 😵 whattt. And tomorrow I have a nice lunch with @jgibgot 🙊😉 and then tons of other things, on top of writing some chapters of The Brightest Stars. This story comes naturally to me, a little too much maybe, but I’m ready to tell this story. Have you seen the trailer for Fifty Shades Freed? Oml, I’ve been waiting foreverrrr and it’s finally here 😩 this picture is from a random day full of laughs with @tracewatkins and @authorrklilley my people. I’m off to get my nails done, then get some work done 😜 What’s your week like? What are you reading? Tell me all the things.

This picture kills my Hessa soul guys 😩 the drawings, the books, *cries* Happy Friday! How was your week? I had dental surgery and that wasn’t fun lol, but now I’m recovering and reading and writing (I reallyyyy need to update TBS) and working on some other things I can’t share yet 🙊 2018 is our year guys! I just keep thinking it’s not possible that things keep getting better, but it keeps blowing my mind!! Get ready guys. Do you have plans for 2018 yet? Even small things, like trips you want to take, grades you want to improve, friends you want to make? Things like that. Tell me all the things. #hessa #authorsofinstagram 📸: @books_way

Afterianas!! I’ll be in Spain with you the end of this month! I’m so excited to come back and see some familiar faces and hopefully meet some of you for the first time! I’ll be going to three cities to celebrate the release of The Spring Girls (Sisters) and can’t wait! I’m bringing some goodies for you guys, some @popsockets ☺️ Will I see you there? Have I met you before? Any recommendations for restaurants since Spanish food is my fave?

I’m so excited for The Spring Girls to be released in France today! This cover is so beautiful and I’m so excited for my French readers to get their hands on it! I’ll see you soon in France, (Jordan and I are actually taking French lessons) and can’t wait to come back to our second home 🏡 If you get your copy tag me in your pic. #tsg🌸

Happy Halloween 🎃 How are you celebrating? Do you have a costume? My mom’s favorite holiday is Halloween and it was always such a huuuge deal. She literally has the life size Jason, Freddie, Chuckie etc. and our yard was always the best around. My mom would be disappointed in the lack of decor at our house this year 😂 we got some pumpkins, decorated them, and hung up some spider web stuff, a couple skeletons, and called it a day. Lol she lives across the country and doesn’t have Instagram so she will never know lol. Anyway, I’m going to update the brightest stars asap, this week is crazzzyy, I’ll tell you why soon 😙 How’s your week so far? Do yo like scary movies? Tell me all the things.

You guys- last night was freaking epic. We went to the Hollywood Bowl for the 5th annual #wewillsurvive benefit concert and it was truly a magical night. I put a ton of it on my Instastory so you can hear my amazing voice trying to sing along 😂 All of the artists were incredible, and I got to see Niall and Harry both perform in the same night and Niall's performance was a surprise and he was so freaking good. It was just one of those nights I couldn't believe was happening. What's your favorite concert you've been to? How was your weekend? What do you have planned this week? I'm posting a chapter of The Brightest Stars today or tomorrow and at least three chapters this week!! I'm so in love with this book already. Have you read it yet? Tell me all the things. (I stole this picture from @msrachelhollis)

Hey guys, so today is the 3 year anniversary of After being published!! Three years!! How is that possible?? It has been the best three years of my life and I'm constantly being blown away by you guys and your love and passion for these books and even now, three years later I feel it still. I never imagined a life where I had my dream job and I definitely didn't imagine a life where I got to travel the world for that job. This sooo doesn't feel like a job and I'm so lucky to be able to do what I love. Thank you guys for changing my life and I hope you will continue to love my words the way you have for the last three years.

This month has been such a wild ride. I've gone from Australia to France to Chicago (Harry put on the best show!!) and now I'm in Seattle for #writeordie with a group of badass ladies who I get to call friends. This month has been one of those crazy months where I've fallen down the stairs in Paris, found out I'm the #3 best selling author in all of France for the second year, saw Harry Styles rock out a theatre packed full of strong young women, got to sign thousands of books at the New Romance Festival, and today I get to speak to a group of aspiring writers about my journey so far and this all just blows my mind. I would have never imagined to live a life like this, hell I didn't even have a passport until I went to Wattpad's office for the first time! I have so many words to say about the festival; about Harry Styles being one of the most inspiring humans ever to exist, and how grateful I am to live this life. Tell me something good that's happened to you, or something you're excited or proud of. How's your week going? How's school? Work? Tell me alll the things! Also, I'll be announcing the title of my next book today or tomorrow so make sure you check out my Twitter and Wattpad :) I'll be posting the story on Wattpad just like with After and I can't waittt. Love you guys so so much! (This is a picture from where our seats were and @autumnltd is better at pictures than me haha)

Surprise!!! If you're coming to the New Romance Festival in Cannes this weekend, you can get The Spring Girls before anyone else in the world!! I'm so excited for you to read this book!!!!!!! #TSG 🌺🌸🌼 The French cover is so beautiful! Gahhh #festivalnewromance

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