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Auby Taylor  You are not alone.

We set the coping this night and took our first runs with only one floodlight to spot the ramp. I told @loucorproductions this was for him and made the first one i tried. We all know shawn peddie who skated for walker invented this move, and i dont believe jeff ever really took credit for it but it ended up with his name on it. Rip shawn, rip jeff. Ima fuckin nerd

This brought more than a tear to my eye. The buzzcocks could be heard from the speaker at ramona ramp when i lived under it. Keeping us stoked for many a late night three person session. But not just our sessions, countless others too. We thank you Pete Shelley

Who do we have to thank? @mimeskii we have to thank. 2007

DM @daveswift01 for prints like this red hot chili peppers/schneer inspired "sockvert" at a hemet, ca backyard pool. You know you want to... #weallrememberwhathappenedinhouston

Ask yourself questions, trip yourself out. Ok i see what you did there

As long as I can remember I have excelled at pissing people off, whether I was trying or not it came easy to me. More often it was actually the opposite, that I was not trying to but I learned that no matter what I did there would be someone out there who wouldnt accept me. You cannot hope to make everyone happy. True. And not everyone is going to understand you, but that is ok too. Especially in skateboarding where being an individual is seen as a good thing, it is also a risky endeavor at times. We are all just trying to get somewhere at the end of the day, in our own way, by our own set of rules that are intertwined with the complex rules of society. and skateboarding is no exception to that rule as well. It being touted as having no rules unfortunately seems to have many. I never liked that about it, I couldn't just play along if I didnt believe in something. It seems like people sometimes want other people that are like them, to fit their ideals, to get in line with their vision. With skateboarding company's they have a mold as well that they want you to fit and thinking outside the box is not always appreciated because it is seen as a sort of mutiny not going with the program. Starting Image Kid Universe is two friends essentially making our own mold, a non mold if you will. A place where our creative input and the creative input of our friends could be put in motion. With skateboarding and skateboarders becoming more materialistic and image based and in my opinion not being true to themselves, it seemed like the appropriate time to stir the pot and add a few of our own ingredients to the petri dish rather than going with the main recipe. We are not a misfits island but if we are, maybe we chose that island to kind of get away from all of that other stuff. This is not a phase, and it is not a trend. what we do is not secret or exclusive and anyone can be a part of it. That is why there will not ever be a team, or professional models handed out. Because teams remind us of sports and pro is just a definition of a status to be reached that is validated by someone or something else. And it is not our place to validate anyone but ourselves. #imagekiduniverse

Kinda more what i was going for. Whats it called besides kinda goofy? (And stinky)

Hahaa I suck. #suckair

Although we live in an Image Kid Universe, we do it for the love. To bring you sturdy skateboards of quality TM. Ask about our custom "clown ramp" or "lone star" stains. More to come in the future from @eyezek369 and me! #imagekiduniverse

Template fuckup led to the unwitting accidental creation of a mike crum @4dwn pro model. #nolliellama

Had a blast out at kingsfest. Big thanks again to @gatorskinsramps for the help in making this already world class ramp that much better. I think everyone who rode it could agree that it was amazing that weekend. @dougking9 your the man...! Ps whoever shot this photo let me know and i will tag you, i apologize.

*wanted* @ojwheels big balls in 92a. Anybody have an old set or even one or two? Need two wheels in 92a...

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