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Adam Zuhairy  I go to Liverpool west public school. I play fortnite. I don't deal with bullsh*t. If your wondering about my YouTube channel, don't, I deleted it. <3

Sorry if I didn't tag you

If only I could tag people more than once


Been a while since I've seen any of these teachers😭😭. #throwbackthursday


These were my year 1 best friends. These were also the people who helped build the dairy cow in the library. This was all in 2013 #ThrowbackThursday

This is the kid known as Chaise. This is the poor fellow that died to cancer. This is the kid that we all grew up to playing with his teddybear. Anyone remember Tom Bear?! #RIP

Like my painting?I felt bored so I decided to paint my favorite animal <3

Every high schooler is like "omg I have so much homework" and I'm sitting over here like HA BITCHES WE HAVENT EVEN TOUCHED OUR BOOKS! Lmao


Holy shit. Anyone else heard what that bastard, Logan Paul did. I am disgusted. If you don't know @loganpaul went to Japan and DISRESPECTED and ANNOYED the community in Japan. Taking his pants off in the middle of streets, Throwing poke balls at strangers, just all out being a dick. What he does next makes me wish YouTube deletes his shitty ass channel. He goes to a forest that is known for suicide and records and dead man. HOW FUCKED UP IS THAT, what's worse is he is laughing at the dead man cause he knows it will be a great chance to clickbait and get views cause he is a money whore. Any normal person would call the police if they saw a dead man BUT NOPE, that's not how Logan works. Sorry for writing a lot but this shit really pisses me off. And for any Logan Paul fans please unsubscribe to his shitty channel and dislike all his videos to make him get terminated. Thank you

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