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LINUX  ⚡️Programmed to party 🔌 My debut album "Everybody Hates Linux" available now on all major music platforms 🤖

‘TILL THE WATER RUNS CLEAR 💦😝 Serving you anal douche couture for New York Pride 🌈 had a blast at @bartschland @dreamhouse_productions #KUNST ‼️

“DID YOU STONE THOSE ENEMAS????” ✨ #FLEET #WEEK 🌈💦 happy pride, New York City 💚 everyone come to @bartschland @dreamhouse_productions #KUNST ‼️

🌈Proud to #FLEET 💚💦 happy pride New York City #EnemaQueen @bartschland @dreamhouse_productions #KUNST starts NOW‼️

✨THE SOUND OF MUSIC✨ Missing @lifeball_official already 🤩 thank you @bartschland for bringing me!! I’m already counting down the days ‘till next year

LIFE BALL 2018 ✨ thank you to @bartschland for bringing me to Vienna this weekend ⭐️ and @caitlynjenner for drunkinly strumming my guitar while it was still on my head 😅

✨These are a few of my FAVORITE things!✨ Giving the red carpet of @lifeball_official something to realllllly sing about, honey! 🎶 this years theme was The Sound of Music 🎵

🎶Pa-pa-pa-pa-razzi🎶 2nd photo is me screaming at the camera guy that that angle isn’t my good side 😓 thank you @jamilmoreno for the mint tulle moment 🚻 at the cocktail pre-party for @lifeball_official

🎶Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti-Do🎶 an Austrian homage to The Sound of Music in true 8th note fashion 🎵 wearing a mint tulle moment by @jamilmoreno 📸 by @kylefarmery

🎶Hotel Room Blues🎶 Clock the bottle of Stoli Vodka behind me 🍸💨Wearing @jamilmoreno

📸Take my picture, Vienna...I WANNA BE A STAR‼️🌟🤩 Getting off of a private plane will ALWAYS be in fashion 👢✨ bodysuit @_possessed_ // hair @raywigs // thanks for the invite @lifeball_official @bartschland

🎶🏔 CLIMB EVERY MOUNTAIN 🛶FORD EVERY STREAM 🌈FOLLOW EVERY RAINBOW 🤩 ‘TILL YOU FIND YOUR DREAM 💭🎶 This is how you get off a plane in VIENNA....y’all cant even spell V-I-E-N-N-A‼️ happy to be at @lifeball_official @bartschland // bodysuit in collaboration with @_possessed_

I’VE MISSED YOU, VIENNA ♥️ 🇦🇹 Let the Looks Olympics begin‼️ @lifeball_official @bartschland // Bodysuit in collaboration with @_possessed_ 👰🏼 hair by @raywigs

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