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_☆Erik a Farmer in Trampoli☆_  ★The First and Official Erik RP account ★Hate Turnips ★Love farming ★Buy me some seeds anytime

🙌💕 so cute I can die if I get this 😭😭 #reiiHQgiveaway @reikureii

((Omg sorry guys I been busy lately sorry for inactivity I'll try I post more often T^T )) #runefactory #runefactory4

Eucine, Selphy and Anette~ ( god sorry for inactivity I have been studying a lot @^@ I don't have time for anything T^T )

Amber and Lest~ #runefactory #rf #runefactory4

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Raguna and Danny~ (( happy Mother's Day! )) #runefactory #runefactoryfrontier #raguna #danny

1. I am a girl
2. My real name is Giuliana
3. I am 14
4. I love Noragami
5. I am a big fan of rf and the legend of zelda
6. I love drawing since i was 5 years old
7. I watch anime since I was 7 years old
8. I am very lazy
9. I am a failure when it's time to color things
10. I am very quiet when I first meet people
11. When I trust people I can't stop talking
12. I love role playing with my own characters
13. I have like 200 own characters
14. My b-day is the 22 of September
16. My favorite colors are pink and light blue
17. My anime crush is Akasaka Ryuunosuke (even if he looks like a girl idk but I love the way he is )
18. I easily forget things
19. I love peace
20. Idk
I am too lazy to tag so whoever reads this do it

1- Clarity by Foxes ft. Zedd
2- DodgeBall
3- ..i don't know I have many...
4- Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars
5- Life is Beautiful
6- Blue and Pink Cotton Candy
7- Rice
8-Orange Juice
9- Rune Factory daa
10- who read this and santa to do it, then do it

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