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Im_bored_again  Snapchat: itz_shaina funimate: itz_shaina Im_bored_again Love my followers even my haters, and I'm sorry I'm not active as much on here

You are not broken you are beautiful or handsome it doesn't matter who tells you or what they say to bring you down the most important person to know that is you, I know you feel alone but the only reason you do is because no one else shows that they're the same way but you need to help them and you can always get through it you just need to know what's right and what's wrong I love you guys I'm always here if you need anyone♡♡

Like seriously who says this to someone. They are still human and some people are making then feel like they shouldn't exist at all. I hope those people go through this because it is not a fun thing to go through you may think it is because it's not happening to you but trade places and see the truth this is not funny so those people knock it off

#bestfriend I love you @sophiaav456 ♡♡

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All the girls in middle school

And lies

Tip: best dates to me includes pizza, and the park

I'm probably going to be single forever comment if you say the same thing


That's when he knows he messed up

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