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aki  Spontaneity is what I live by, living the moment and living life to its fullest. I like to be surrounded with happy people...✨spontaneous411

First time to visit Mexico🇲🇽🌮🌵 #Mexico #Tijuana

It’s been yonks. I’m so happy that we are still skaters. Keep on skating guys. Thanks for having me your spot @sanguini imma definitely come visit Seattle next time @franz_alzocado #whittier #skateboarders #goodmemory #永遠の友達

ALEX KNOST @knostthankyou @rvca @rvcasurf


回転してない回転寿司👯✨ #築地 #寿司 @akijsph @ita333 @that_so_and_so @tomohiro_akiba

Japan🇯🇵 We made a curve box #50/50 #skateboard @akijsph @that_so_and_so @tkmy_imkt @tanakayoshiaki @chibrapha

20 Lilly Pilly RD Wilsons creek⛰ #wilsonscreek #heaven #noreception #nowater #noelectricity #1dayleft

The Pass had good and big waves 5days ago. I was surrounded heaps of great surfers there. When I was practicing dolphin through and suddenly a long board (no leash)was coming and crushing my chest. I was losing conciseness and drowning in the water and couldn't breath as well... A surfer said that are you alright? And then I said I'm okay but actually I was bluffing up. Somehow or other I could get back to the beach. I didn't feel sore because I was getting adrenaline pumping up. Day by day
my pain getting worse. I feel really sore when I have a cough, laugh and stretch my body. My chest might be cracked. Even though I'm weak now, I would go surfing every day. Been surfing for only 7 month in my life. Still beginner but I would keep doing that for the rest of my life. One day I would see amazing ocean🏄🏽 I'm so happy because I could find a new hobby in Byron bay. I haven't found any hobbies like skateboarding in my life until I got to Byron bay coz I've been skateboarding for over 15 years. This is my new life though.

5日前The Passで波が上がり上手いサーファーが沢山集まってた日で、ドルフィンスルーの練習をしていた時だった。突然リーリュの付いていないロングボードが凄い勢いで飛んできて胸にささり、海の中で一瞬意識をなくした。周りのサーファーに大丈夫か?って言われ、大丈夫じゃなかったけど、強がって大丈夫っていってしまったけど、海の中で息が吸えなく、軽く溺れた。なんとかビーチに辿りついた。アドレナリンが高ぶっていたから痛みは我慢できた。日に日に痛みが酷くなってきた。咳したり、笑ったり身体をのばすと骨に響いてかなり痛い。完全にヒビが入っているんだと思う。それでもサーフィンは毎日やってしまう。これは中毒性が半端ないぞ💉 サーフィン始めてまだあさくてぺーぺーだけど、いつかは上手くなって、更なる新しい世界を見てみたい😁 バイロンベイに来て新しい趣味を見つける事ができて本当に嬉しい🏄🏽
#thepass #byronbay #surfing

Wategos beach sunset🌅 #wategos #sunset #aftersurfingsunset #haven #perfection

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