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Taylor Ann Polinice  Alex❣️ #CPT & #OnlinePrograms Lift Fitness | Roslyn training inquiries ⬇️ Code “SIZE” at @ethos_co ⬇️

If your man doesn’t take pics like’re w the wrong guy 😂
#mancrusheveryday #thatforheadveintho

FINALLY an arm workout!! I do arms 1x a week just haven’t had a routine recorded whoops 😬 .
🔹overhead press
🔹skull crushers .
🔹triceps extensions .
🔹static holds bicep curls
🔹preacher curl machine .
(Outfit all from @ethos_co should definitely check them out)
I have the brand new iPhone and this still uploaded shitty😒 #sorryguys

Happy Flex Friday #fitfam 💪🏼
I’ll post my arm workout in a few days, since I noticed I haven’t put up an arm workout in soooooo long 🙈
Enjoy your weekend in this beautiful weather!! 🌤
📸 @yerooo_its_alex

Much needed catching up👯‍♀️💜

Happy Monday! 💪🏼🍑😋
SWIPE ⬅️ For 2 great back exercises! I’m a HUGE stickler when it comes to form, so once @yerooo_its_alex said my first set of barbell rows was off, I compared both videos & he was right.
Form is 🔑 ya’ll, get it right👊🏼

Such a great girls day out yesterday in the city #ilovemyfamily ❤️
#hellodolly #broadway #play #musical #nyc

What your videos look like w/o your camera man🙁👎🏼 Swipe ⬅️ 🔻Squat Press
🔻Lunge pulses .
🔻DB deadlifts

All me, all smiles, not posed, all natuuuraaalll🤓
My “me” time. Time to better my imperfections & not give up on it. & suggest you all to do the same👊🏼

Did a mix of @laurenlf and @sarah_bowmar workouts they’ve posted recently (minus the last one)
In exact order done: .
🔸Hatch squat, superset w Sissy Squats 🔸leg extensions, superset w single leg extensions .
🔸Bulgarian lunges, superset w squat pulses
Have fun😋

Nothing motivational like my other posts, just saying hiiiiii since I haven’t posted in a little while 👋🏼
Did a high intensity shoulder workout bc I can’t workout at night, I’m an old lady & love my relaxation time😋
Hope ya’ll have a good week! I’ll try to post a video this week💪🏼
OH! & proud official member of @spartagymwestbury

Some shoulder workouts from today
🖤Wide Shoulder Press machine .
🖤Incline front raises-superset with standing front raises
🖤DB Shoulder Press (not taped)
🖤Lateral raises machine (not taped)

Added an extra leg day in this week, more detail work instead of 1muscle focus .
warmed up w leg extensions .
💓Deep angled squats .
💓Lunge walks
💓Kickback machine
#americanmuscle @spartagymwestbury 💪🏼
@_jcara1018 🎥

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