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im.so.badly.broken im.so.badly.broken

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9/10/2017 - Worst Day of My Life

I have nothing left

Who wanna be my daddy ?

I can't stand the alternative community. All you kids do is bitch about your life and it's so obnoxious. You losers remind me of myself.

Love is DEAD

What's the point anymore

I'm so tired of putting my all into others just to get fucked over. I'm done with everyone. I'm the only real person I know and I'm sick of it. I just want to meet someone like me.

I can't wait until I graduate and can move forward with my life. I feel like I'm stuck doing the same stuff and being the same person and I hate it. I just want to move on, meet new people that actually care for me, and stop being so unhappy with everything in my life.

Everything has become so clear

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