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FoReVeR AlOnE  📖Mvm📖 🔓single lol🔓 💞Bsfs💞

I just saved so many photos from twitter and im happy niw

i bet they'll get 600m+ votes because the fandom grew

Ima go cry in a hole who knew id cry over someone breaking up with someone else greys anatomy makes me sad for no reason

Will the same thing that happened last year happen this year😭😭⁉


Who made this im crying

@agile._.929 wHo YoU pIcKinG

I wAnNa ThaNk aLl mY ibsFs and iFreNds FoR mAking lIfE fUnnier ThaN iT sHouLd Be

I should rlly stop watching kdramas i feel lonley asFfF

Im finna fix it

All the accounts i own lol

Yall can fite me theyre all fking cute as hell so what tae us attactive so are joons dimples and Jin is amazing they all have their best traits theyre all also talented
Nathan eat a dick dont even comment

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