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I lose my temper obviously. I dont mean anything i say if i do. I get mad and i feel bad after i yell or say something mean to you. Not everyone will listen to the type of advise i give cause its useless. They will still do it. My cousin told me that even if you still tell someone something that they shouldnt do theyll still do it. I legit now understand that. Its their body their brain. If they think its a mistake later ima have to stay quiet. They didn’t listen and now they regret? Idk. Anyways. I feel like some people wouldn’t care to read this cause idk, why should anyone care abt how i feel right? I said i was logging off yea i am but like i said im watching vent edits👌🏼. I dont have anyone to talk to because a human i trusted told their friend on how i was feeling. So they lost some of my trust but i still love them because they’re family to me. I cant talk to my mom cause she’ll think I’m joking. The thing that sucks abt feeling this way is that i feel like no one is trustable enough. Its like everyone will just use it against me. Ik im putting this on ig where people can “repost” idc. People will ask if I’m ok or whats wrong when they know I’m obviously not. No matter how happy i am through the day ill still be sad when i get home. I just wanna stay in bed and cry sometimes. I don’t wanna go to school because everyone is sO judgmental. But i don’t samna be at home because its the same. Everyone judges me for what i like, who i like, what i wear , and who i am or how i am. Some of these people understand that i dislike certain things about myself and still think its alright to state things i hate abt myself its fine im getting used to it. I don’t know how to hell others when theyre sad anymore i find it hard to help someone cause i dont even know how to help myself when im sad. I feel sorry for whoevers friends with me cause they have to deal with someone thats to talkative and makes stupid jokes. Obviously i used to be positive abt myself until everyone started judging me. Sometimes i just wanna restart everything but no. I have to continue on cause i have a whole life ahead of me. And ik things might get better but rn they’re not.

I said i was uninstalling social media & I did but i dont trust anyone with my sc so i only kept that. I installed ig again to look for some audios to make edits and I wanted to look at vent edits since thats what i do when im sad. Lol anyways hope youve had a great day school was ok yesterday the morning sucked but its fine. My cousin left for college and ive been crying for hours, probably doesnt seem like a big deal but it is :0. Morning sucked cause of certain people but i dont need to state out their names cause thats rude. The past 2 days ive been off of ig was ok im still upset and i still feel pointless in life but its fine. I atleast know a few friends care abt me and wont make me feel like shit all the time. Anyways have a good day im logging off again this was completely unnecessary but oh well.

Im uninstalling social media ok ty gb

Lmao im not important to anyone, im completely useless noone needs me in their life so whats the point

Well shit-


Second day of school was 👌🏼👌🏼 it was better than the first day it was fun :0

Anyways school sucked ass i got 2nd lunch and all my friends had 1st lunch and i have classes with a dude i used to like and also have classes with an asshole but i have friends in most classes so im fine w that but legit i wanna cry and not go to school cause it sucks

My amazing tower :D

I love you even if ur youre mist hated human in the world ily djamd

My eyelashes looked great anyways im probably ganna start crying cause school starts tmrrw so

Im doing this idcidcidc snbdns

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