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Ilya Monroe 

Trying to serve two gods here: I am hilarious and my selfie game is on point.

Nail game on point. #loljk #calltheexorcist

A. Get you a girl who can do both. B. I was voted Most Daring female because this is what I looked like. And people were like Oh, SHE IS TAKING A LOT OF CHANCES. #highschool #flyschool

Shout out to the guy at the Nas concert who is my husband. #iwillnotlose

Shout out to the guy at the Nas concert wearing the Jay-Z shirt. #ether #iwillnotlose #aggressive

Look at this adorable little baby. I asked the photographer if we could do one with my Rubiks Cubeā„¢ on my shoulder. He said Nah. 11th grade. Pali High.

Doing the math on those early days and months. #2008

Favorite everything: sweater, dress, hair, shoes, rings, earrings, bathroom, picture swap, etc. #latergram

I AM DEFENSELESS AGAINST CLAPPING. This is King and they are my jam. @weareking Thanks for a beautiful set.

Something No. 3 #self #ilya

#1dayofgratitude #allicancommitto 1. Delicious walnut pastry 2. First husband and wife thanksgiving 3. Road trips where someone else drives 4. Conversations with delightful weirdos that don't believe in the moon landing 5. A sense of comfort in my life 6. Got a lot of dollars in the ether 7. Nas' Ether 8. Drake's Back to Back 9. Riveted and heartbroken by Ta-Nehisi Coates 10. The lady village that makes this life possible and livable

Real talk.