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Yo-Chi Frozen Yogurt  On a mission to bring you the world's best frozen yogurt 🍦


Let the People Decide!!
In recognition of World Vegan 🌱 Day this month’s topping war is an all out vegan festival…with four vegan toppings battling it out!
The winning topping will be available in all stores by Friday next week to compliment our existing range of vegan products 🌱🌱🌱
Fighting out this month we have:
C = Oreos
M = Mango Spears
H = Coco Pops
B = Sour Straps
Comment with the initial of the store’s topping you want to see in stores next week and the one with the most votes wins!
We also have 5 free Yo-Chi’s up for grabs, a treat for all your hard work!! 🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦

We all remember our first Smooch-i don’t we?? 😉😉😘😘 This summer Yo-Chi is bringing Smoochis back along with some new Chi-licious drinks, making our vegan range bigger than ever! To coincide with World Vegan 🌱Day Melbourne 12th November we would like to offer 10% off any fully vegan Yo-Chi purchase all weekend, so tag a mate who you would like to Smoochi-i with!! To claim your discount make sure you tell our friendly staff “I’m 100% vegan and Love It!” Don’t forget to check out our all Vegan Topping War going live on Friday 10th November- make your vote count to ensure the very best vegan 🌱 topping is available in all stores! #vegan #iloveyochi #summer #yochibalaclava #yochihawthorn #yochicarlton #yochimalvern

It’s Halloween, It’s Halloween, The moon is full and bright and we shall see what can’t be seen on any other night….👻👻 Exclusive to Yo-Chi during Halloween week we have Black Vanilla and a special orange coloured yogurt (hint it will evoke your passions!)
Top it off with our wicked selection of vampire teeth, spooky bark, witches hats, spiders eyes, were-waffles and black cones! 🕸️🕷️
Available for a limited time so get in quick! 🎃🎃🎃🎃 Competition Time - Guess the flavour of our special orange yogurt and win a free Halloween Yo-Chi, we have 10 to give away…. #iloveyochi #yochihalloween #yochihawthorn #yochimalvern #yochicarlton #yochibalaclava

I feel it in my bones ☠️... spooky times ahead...don’t try to hide.... it’s coming for us all👻👻🎃🎃 Halloween is nearly here and our stores have lined up some wicked treats for anyone brave enough to try them 🕷🕸🕷🕸 They will be available in all stores from October 25th!
Competition Time - tell us in the comments below what you would rather have…
A. Eternal life as a vampire 
B. Eternal Yo-Chi!! You could win one of 10 free Yo-Chi’s to help get you started!!🍦🍦🎃 Good Luck or should we say Ghoul-d Luck 👻👻👻🎃😉😉

Let the People Decide!! Hopefully by now we all know how this works…Four Stores… Four Toppings…prepared to battle in an all out toppings war! The winning topping will be available in all stores by Friday next week and the winning store will take home the glory.
On the battleground this month we have:

C = Scrummy Yummy Gummy Bears
M = Wonderful Chocolate Wafer Wands
H = Luscious Lychee Balls
B = Must Have Musk Sticks

Comment with the initial of the store’s topping you want to see in stores next week and the one with the most votes wins!
We also have 5 free Yo-Chi's 🍨🍨😋up for grabs, a treat for all your hard work 😓. Winners will be chosen randomly from the comments below, your topping might not win but you can still be a winner with Yo-Chi! #letthemdecide #vote2017 #customerknowsbest #toppingswar#iloveyochi #yochicarlton #yochimalvern #yochibalaclava#yochihawthorn

T&C’s competition closes Sunday 15th October at 12pm. The winning Topping will be available from Friday 20th October in all stores for a limited time, vouchers will be drawn after voting has closed

Yo-Chi's Most Wanted!!! Meet Weilynn Tan - she is our dairy free angel. Weilynn challenged us to make her sister's favourite flavour dairy free! We can't resist a challenge and we love to help our Yo-Chi family out so this week we are launching our new Vegan Chocolate Honeycomb, replacing our Vegan Choc Mint. 🍫🍫🍫 Do you have a favourite flavour you haven't seen in a while? Or a challenge for our Yo-Chi team? Let us know!!! #vegan #honeycomb #dairyfree #chocolate #iloveyochi #yochicarlton #yochimalvern #yochibalaclava #yochihawthorn @weilynn.t

Spot the difference! Our magical mystical creative designer has made one picture more uni-corny 😉 than the other!🦄🦄 Comment below how many differences you can spot, we have 5 free Yo-Chi's to give away!! 🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦 Unicorn-a-polooza 🎉 continues until Friday we have Unicorn shakes and toppings and a Unicorn colouring competition for the kids!! So come see us and experience everything Unicorn at Yo-Chi! 🦄🦄🌈🌈 #unicorn #yochiunicorn #unicornicopia #iloveyochi #yochihawthorn #yochimalvern #yochicarlton

It's a Unicorn-a-polooza🎉🎉 Unicorn Week has started at Yo-Chi 🦄🦄🌈🌈 We have Unicorn Frozen Yogurt, specialty toppings (did someone say NERDS!?!), Unicorn shakes and more!! Kids can enter our colouring competition with 3 chances to win a $20 Yo-Chi voucher in each store. Get your sparkle on and embrace your inner Unicorn 🦄 with Yo-Chi 😍🦄🌈🍦🍦Limited time only, get in quick while stocks last! #yochiunicorn #unicorn #iloveyochi #yochihawthorn #yochibalaclava #yochimalvern #yochicarlton

Only one more sleep until Unicornitopia 🦄🦄🌈🌈Unicorn Week goes live tomorrow from 12pm in all stores. We hope to see all you sparkly fairy sugar gems there!! 😍😍😊😊#iloveyochi #unicornucopia #yochiunicorn #yochimalvern #yochicarlton #yochihawthorn #yochibalaclava #unicorn

Are you ready to embrace your inner Unicorn with Yo-Chi??! 🍦🍦🌈🌈 🦄🦄 Celebrating everything Unicorn 🦄🦄 - we will have a selection of specialty themed frozen yogurt, toppings and shakes as well as a Unicorn Colouring Competition for the kids!!!! It all kicks off next Wednesday.
So let us know if you are a Sassy Twinkle Toes or a Lovely Dainty Buttercup and go in to the draw to win 1 of 5 free Unicorn Yo-Chi's!! Tag a mate for extra chances to win.

#iloveyochi #yochiunicorn #yochimalvern #yochihawthorn #yochicarlton #yochibalaclava

We’re hiring!
Were you born to lead?
Do you love frozen yogurt? 🍦
Yes! We want to hear from you.
We're on the lookout for passionate, enthusiastic, dedicated people to join our team as full time supervisors.
If this sounds like you, visit the Careers section of our website today for more info on how to apply:
Know the perfect person for this job? Tag them in the comments below

It's on again! Four new toppings are battling it out to be our new topping of the month.  Head over to our Facebook page @iloveyochi to vote for your choice.  We also have 5 free Yo-Chi's to give away 🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦 #toppingswar #iloveyochi #yochicarlton #yochihawthorn #yochibalaclava #yochimalvern

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