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Joanne Thies  Things always seem to turn out better than expected. Hack photographer, doodling enthusiast + digital & social media maker in BNE, Australia

Got to love being told by the CEO to go home! Champagne showers champagne showers #dayoff #bigwet #thanksuz

Me rn. #bigwet

Bone aching childhood nostalgia #vsco #museumlyfe

I may look like I am enjoying the sophisticated silence of Natalya Hughes's Flaccid Lake 2008, but in reality I'm thinking about the half eaten ham sandwich in my pocket. I knew I should have finished it before I waked in. #lunchtimeadventures #lunchtimestories #vsco #qldartgallery #qagoma

"Ssssshhhh , there's a show on" Sunday afternoon.

I was probably the biggest butterfly 🦋 killer in Queensland in the 80s. I would catch them and put them in an empty Neapolitan ice cream container. I grew out of it. Nice to meet you @bry_the_fly_guy. If you need more butterflies for your collection, you know who to call. #illbediscreet #wsfb2017 #museumlyfe #wsfbrisbane

Second #wsfbrisbane done dude! Sad to farewell our little heroes-in-a-half-shell. But now, time for a nap. #wsfb2017 #museumlyfe

The things of nightmares.

Last weekend.

The great Australian Dream, a story in the way to the train station. Discarded XXXX Goldies, they've been there for so long, the labels are faded white. Part 3.

The great Australian Dream, a story on the way to the train station. Discarded couch. It's been there for weeks. Part 2.

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