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Matthew Buckley  Dad and toy nerd. Snapchat: whtetrsh

My new Lego ladies! It was a good day. #legobatmanmovie #harleyquinn

Check out the sweet Super Sonico figure my lovely wife got me for Valentines Day! Joy! #supersonico #bishoujo

Progress. Pay no attention to the bottom shelves as I am not finished yet.

Behold the Christmas toy haul!

Waiting for Santa to come and see who will join them into the nice and clean detolfs.

Basement tile completed! Detolfs are clean and ready. Respect the Night Terror @angry_artist

The Coke point fairy came today!! Thanks I assume Brian Earl. #cokepoints

So I looks like the Facebook marketplace works! Or at least for me it did. Got this awesome figure at a great price. #supersonico

They are everywhere and I have more!

This sucks I have to move my cabinets to get the basement tiled so my house is covered in my toys.

Crazy packing for a road trip. Well not really but. @circusposterus . This would be one hell of a yard sale.

So I a testament to how awesome my mom is she say here I got you this for Halloween! @circusposterus @brandtpeters this is so freaking sweet!

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