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Illuminati Subliminals  To Inform You About Subliminal Messages In The Media... "I'm Not Here To Be Liked, The Sheeple Are Sleeping And I'm Just Here To Wake Them Up"

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The Iron Man comics and films aren’t that far-fetched: the US military has been researching an advanced battle armour suit for years and a prototype is now expected to be ready for testing this summer. #IlluminatiMedia #NWO #NewWorldOrder #Government #IronManSuit #WorldGoingToHell #AllSeeingEye #Illuminati #DOYOURRESEARCH Hope I Don't Get Assassinated For This Post

15. Tracking Students
As if schools weren't already beginning to look scarily like Big Brother, they have taken it another step and begun tracking students. Many schools are making kids wear ID badges that have built in RFID chips that can track the location of the child wherever they go while wearing it. Some schools have even started using fingerprints and iris scanners to keep track of kids!

14. Searching Phones and Laptops
This search can even go so far as looking through a student's cell phone and/or laptop, at least in Virginia. In that state, if there is reason to believe that searching a student's cell phone or laptop will show incriminating evidence that the student has violated the school rules or the law, school officials can look through them.

13. Searched Students
Kids are subject to being searched at any moment while on school grounds or at any school function with no prior notice. This includes their locker, their bag and their person. It could also mean police and police dogs! One group of third graders was even required to remove their shoes and socks when 5 dollars when missing a few years ago.

12. Forced To Work
Many prisoners are forced to work and it looks like kids in schools are, too! One teenage girl was given a ticket for $637 for using bad language in a classroom and was forced to take a part time job as a waitress to pay for it.

11. Harsh Punishments
Kids in schools are being subjected to ever increasing harsh punishments for ridiculous infractions. Here are just a few of the more ridiculous recent incidents:

A 17 year old honor student accidentally brought her dad's bagged lunch to school which had a small paring knife and was charged with a misdemeanor and suspended for the rest of the year
Elementary school kids suspended for playing cops and robbers with their fingers or drawing a soldier with a gun
An 8 year old boy forced to undergo psychiatric evaluation for drawing a picture of Jesus on the cross
A diabetic teen with sleep apnea was arrested after falling asleep during in school suspension

10. Kids Handcuffed
Some kids are even being handcuffed while they are in school for completely ridiculous things. The most outrageous incident in recent years was when a 6 year old was handcuffed and subsequently sent to a mental facility for throwing a temper tantrum in her class.

9. Police In Schools
Some schools even have actual dedicated police that roam the halls throughout the school day. These cops are often armed with pepper spray, batons, and tasers, all of which they are authorized to use on kids.

8. Metal Detectors
In an effort to keep guns and knives out of schools, many of the institutions have installed metal detectors at it's doors, through which every kid has to walk through before entering. So now they literally feel like they are entering a locked down prison! One school even hired a certified TSA screening official to search kids before a prom!

7.Monitoring Kids At Home
Remember how several years ago, some schools began giving their students laptops to use and they could even bring them home and that sounded so cool? Well, it wasn't very cool anymore when it turned out that at least one school district used those laptops to spy on it's students even when they were at home! They kept records of websites visited, chat logs and even took pictures of them with the laptop's webcam! The school's behavior was discovered when they punished a student for something he did while at home that they witnessed through the laptop.

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