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🌻  AESTHETE Commissions [open] Sketch account: @galaxyhands OC tag: #jammioc Don't use/repost my artwork without permission. Thankyou~


Thanks to chica for streaming with me and starting this collab. It's gonna be awesome when we put them together ahh
And thanks to those who stopped by. I sure did struggle with all those hands :') #myart #bokunoheroacademia #tomurashigaraki #fanart

An overdue art trade with @clarity.halo
She had drawn my Tomoko for me ages ago :') #myart

For father's day.
My dad loves her~

I used my new lightbox to transfer the linework to watercolor paper and used new St. Petersburg paint ahhh
I want to do a review/comparison video of them with the Holbein but we shall see. I have all these video ideas but I'm a bum and won't push through it. It's super weird to talk outloud in an empty room to make commentary :^} #myart #watercolor #stpetersburgwatercolors #yarkawatercolors #wonderwoman

I keep forgetting to actually post stuff here and not just on my story.
This is a new character, Sisko.
They don't have their own story yet, I have been wanting to make a cyborg character for a long time so here we are haha

Sisko's ancestry can be traced back to colonists of a habitable planet similar to earth. Some odd generations later, a branch of those colonists started to really get heavy on mechanical enhancements. Starting on a microscopic levels, they have synthetic cells that aid in regeneration and basically gives them super human capabilities. The suit and armor they wear is to further protect their bodies from damage but some have already replaced organic tissues and matter with robotic parts.

As for Sisko, they still maintain most of their organic parts except for a leg lost to an accident. I do think that eventually, something will happen in which Sisko will lose the majority of their original body and results to permanent robotic state as well as obliterating their memories; they're choice. They even have a switch that turns their emotions on and off, which they leave on off. But they still experience the physically aspects (i.e. if something is supposed to make them sad, they will still cry and say "my eyes are leaking again"). They are set on not remembering whatever tragedy they experienced :^} Sisko is also nicknamed "the Doll" because of how often they change their robotic parts as accessories and for fashion sake.

#jammioc #myart

"A bold reinterpretation of one of the best love stories in classical mythology" coming soon *wink wink*

#trialsofpsychecomic #myart


#myart #jammioc

The whole thing doesn't fit 🙃l

#myart #trialsofpsychecomic

I forgot how hard it is to actually photo stuff for posting :') #myart #gowther #sevendeadlysins


@chica__art i don't know why I struggle so much to draw your cyborg boi. (;´Д`) I'll get it one day though


And finally, the raffle prize for @tiimochan
Now to do the ones for amino. Screee


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