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Taylor Lothman  Always on the rollie cause of Wile E. Coyote \\\ Only as strong as my relationship with Christ \\\ GOD.TRACK.PROGRESS.RAREE \\\ BV.x.BT

. I love you P with everything I am, have fun in Cali! . #familyiseverthing #lilsis

. Wonder who loves him in the city of roses? Me! . #GodSon #UncleT

. Don't want the perks from who I know but from who I am going to become . #PDXFresh #BVxBT

. Extremely blessed with the opportunities God has given me. Super stoked on this one! Thank you everyone at @sluagency and Nike . #Nike #swooshlife #stopexcercisingstarttraining #teamnike #pdx

. It hurts that I can't be there today to remember and celebrate your life. Coach Doug Bowman, Dougie, Bowman, Doug, Gramps, BoBo and I'm sure so many other awesome nicknames. You did so much for your athletes. And you truly did put us first. You didn't even want to take this picture and told me "I don't do pictures because it's not about me it's about you guys" but I snuck this anyway! And I got a smile out of you! I appreciate everything you did for me. From the first day I walked into your office scrambling to figure out how to make me apart of the team. And you did! you put me on as a student coach allowing me to practice and travel with the team. I still remember my first year when you told me I was going to NWACs as a coach, and even more so when you handed me my coaches badge. It meant the world to me... Even though you had a wife and grandchildren waiting for you at home. I remember you would stay after practices and late into the evening to open the weight room sometimes just for me. Again that meant the world because you took the time to help me pursue my dreams and mold my craft. As you did for all your athletes. Now every time I step on the track, lace up my spikes, step in the weight room and chalk up my hands I will remember. Remember my purpose and all you did to help me! .
Always a fighter coach and I hope that anything I face I will have the strength to fight like you did. For ever coach you and your family will be in my prayers!

. God is working in us and through us everyday. Rebuilding your relationship with Christ or just starting new, will not be easy but stick with it. Surrounding yourself with like people is important to the success of your journey .
#GodIsGoodandGodIsWorking #GodGlow #TeamJesus #RAREE

. Had an interesting encounter this weekend. Met a guy my age, but traveling on such a different path. Feelings came where he felt God had abandon him, times he asked for something and did not receive, times when he asked for the Lords presence and he did not come. Know this in your heart he is always with you. And his timeline is not the same as ours. So I encourage you be patient for he hasn't forgotten he is just molding you, shaping you and building you. The storm you are in, the constant rain , the down pour is just a little extra water for a tremendous amount of growth. This message is about one person, but is for anyone struggling, myself included . #GodIsGoodandGodIsWorking #HappySunday #TheProcess

. My 8yr old brother drew and wrote this and it brings so much joy to my heart! Your kids, your siblings, your cousins, the youth soak up so much of your actions. So be wise in your choices, in your beliefs, in what you represent. Far from the man I want my brother too look up to, but this is an immense amount of encouragement! But Mom gets all credit for raising him with this thought process. #GodIsGood

. I suck at ball but my 8yr old lil bro is natural, picked this move up in 20 minutes . #hoopdreams 🏀

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