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Taylor Lothman  Always on the rollie cause of Wile E. Coyote \\ GOD.TRACK.PROGRESS. \\ RAREE & PGA \\ SLU Agency \\

. Taking advantage of this warm Hawaii weather to work on some speed. This is the last of ten ~50meter sprints with walk back as rest. Focusing on controlled breathing during walk back/rest to stabilize my heart rate. Allowing me to have a quick turn around back into sprinting . #trackandfield #hawaii #beach #training #speed #sprint #RAREE

. Full of pain, but now is not the time to give in. Not when I have so much to gain . #TrackandField #GODWILLING #RAREE

. Kailua September 8th 😄😛 . #Hawaii

. If you ever chose to leave make sure you come back better than when you left . #Nike #Model #SwooshLife Nike.com

. Don't let your appearance dictate your bank account, you see the whip falling apart I see it holding the dream together . #PGA #LáFlaré #PDX #CityLife #Model #Nike #PerfectTiming

. all that I am is yours Father . #teamjesus #RAREE

. Don't want the perks from who I know but from who I am going to become . #PDXFresh #BVxBT #LáFlaré

. Extremely blessed with the opportunities God has given me. Super stoked on this one! Thank you everyone at @sluagency and Nike . #Nike #swooshlife #stopexcercisingstarttraining #teamnike #pdx

. It hurts that I can't be there today to remember and celebrate your life. Coach Doug Bowman, Dougie, Bowman, Doug, Gramps, BoBo and I'm sure so many other awesome nicknames. You did so much for your athletes. And you truly did put us first. You didn't even want to take this picture and told me "I don't do pictures because it's not about me it's about you guys" but I snuck this anyway! And I got a smile out of you! I appreciate everything you did for me. From the first day I walked into your office scrambling to figure out how to make me apart of the team. And you did! you put me on as a student coach allowing me to practice and travel with the team. I still remember my first year when you told me I was going to NWACs as a coach, and even more so when you handed me my coaches badge. It meant the world to me... Even though you had a wife and grandchildren waiting for you at home. I remember you would stay after practices and late into the evening to open the weight room sometimes just for me. Again that meant the world because you took the time to help me pursue my dreams and mold my craft. As you did for all your athletes. Now every time I step on the track, lace up my spikes, step in the weight room and chalk up my hands I will remember. Remember my purpose and all you did to help me! .
Always a fighter coach and I hope that anything I face I will have the strength to fight like you did. For ever coach you and your family will be in my prayers!

. 🌴 Vibe 🌴 .

. the light will reveal the illest .

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