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Too much ranch

This is a certified fucking j a m.

Top: Ryuko Matoi shading experiment, January 2015;
Bottom: Shiny Chariot, bust, April 2017.

Man it's been a hot goddamn minute since I really started putting work into my art. I don't even think I'm particularly that good now, but everything has improved: lines are cleaner, I didn't trace Chariot like I did with Ryuko, and by god, the colors fit together properly.

I didn't get to this point on the wings of talent. I've been drawing consistently for the past two years and I still have a long way to go before I'm any good at the kind of work I'd like to be doing. But I'm getting there. #studiotrigger #fanart #thenandnow

Shiny Chariot!! #littlewitchacademia

Akko Kagari #littlewitchacademia

Taako taaco. #theadventurezone

Jesus christ California, try harder

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