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Illz 77  🚣🌀🎧

Just doing some stuff with Howard. #freestyle #astarinite #bmx #rad #gtproperformer

Mind blown - #friday

Out at sea- #yesod



Been one for years-

I know the feeling.

So today I'm learning about the Nicaraguan equivalent of Coquito called Rompope. Apparently this specific recipe dates back to the 17th century.
I'd like to give thanks to all of those blessed souls who have given me both Coquito and Rompope this thanksgiving season.. #rompope #coquito #illbetakingthisbottlehomethankyou #coquitoconnoisseur

So I just learned about this Spanish drink called Coquito.. my life will never be the same.

Chill kitty.

And now I'm going to attempt some backup harmonies.

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