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Shine bright! She wears her halo on her beard!

You mess with my Baby Arm, you get the horns. #topSecurity

Passed out in her beard.
Paw keeps me at a distance.
I have no defense.

Let’s make sure #eldermillennial gets nominated for an #emmy in 2019! I’m starting the campaign now! @netflix @netflixisajoke

Hit sitcom coming this fall. “Smokey and the Snail” on @netflix #netflix #emmys

Wow. @mumblestohimself really set the bar for commitment with this @blanchewaits crayon carving!

Blanche and I are resting and... I Just wanted to take a moment to say thank you. I’m so grateful for you all. How you’ve embraced my comedy and, honestly, my dog. I’m so proud to have such a diverse fan base, my Party Goblins range in age, color, sexuality and politics- but what unites them is a willingness to go on a journey with me for an hour at a time. I have the most creative, loving and open fans. I just wanted to say that this business is hard and exhausting but, no matter what I go through, it all melts away when I get to do a show for you. The gifts and messages are a bonus, but what makes my heart beat is knowing I have you all and I get to see you and feel your love every week.
Thank you. I love you. ❤️ There will be no hashtags.

Also this hat 💜
Minnesota. You were so amazing that we added a second show and that was one of my best decisions of the year. @huntersayswhat can not WAIT to come back. Thank you to The Pantages and to all of you who came out for the sold out night. @blanchewaits loves you too.
#eldermillennial #eldermillennialtour #minneapolis #mpls #minnesota

A wreath of dead leaves! Cozy 🧦 and a fun light box to write BLANCHE and stare at! More @sourpatchkids and cards and love and I am delirious now. You guys are the best 😘
#eldermillennial #eldermillennialtour #minneapolis #mpls #minnesota

THEY KNIT BLANCHE A SWEATER! ❤️Got some #sparklefish glitter and they have a little sweater for Blanche! Gift guide on the back page, so so thoughtful! 🤗🤗
#eldermillennial #eldermillennialtour #minneapolis #mpls #minnesota

Bahaha they wrote #smokeyhusky a card! Got a #shedragon , the designs from their #demonofthepeople and #itsfall shirts, #Halloween snacks for my Lamb and some adorable cards and a beer glass 🍻❤️ #eldermillennial #eldermillennialtour #minneapolis #mpls #minnesota

So many fall things! And SANITIZER!😷 And dog treats because of her stinky fish mouth, some 🍂🍁 and #nomermaid tissues for when I cry at the thought of how great MINNESOTA WAS LAST NIGHT!
#eldermillennial #eldermillennialtour #minneapolis #mpls #minnesota

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