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iliveinmylab  Food scientist. Vintage girl. Recovering Academic. Unapologeticly Texan. WWII WAVES. Owner of Balto the Doge. Lady Photographer of Canteen Cowboy.


Guess what? @tinyangrycrafts, @jenni.lee.knits, & I are bringing back #thevintagefashionchallenge! We had a blast in May and had lots of requests to bring it back, as well as some fantastic feedback from our friends so here's what's new - this challenge will be a WEEKLY challenge rather than daily (let's face it we're all super busy this time of year), it will start on October 1st and will end December 2nd. Each week will have a specific theme which is listed with the dates here in the prompt! You can post as much or as little as you like. We thought this would be a great option for folks who might have more than one item they'd love to share for each topic! Topics were chosen based off feedback given to us so if you have ideas for the next round we do over the winter please feel free to DM any of us! Now! Let's get ready for some fun! See you all on October 1st!!! #vintagestyle #vintagefashion

To the person who a year ago tried to tell me that I did not know what I was talking about when I called them out for claiming an ARC Nurse's Aide uniform was the same as an ARC Nurse uniform - here is what an original Nurse uniform actually looks like. #wwii #ww2reenactment #wwiiuniform

Story of my life....

When you get extreme sunburns working the game it pays to be friends with profs who live 2 blocks from campus

Early Aggie Football Game = Early Call Time for photographers. Getting my much needed snacks and caffeine at Bucees before the mayhem begins...

It's been a while since I've posted a photo of myself! Hanging out on the USS Stewart to photograph a wedding today!

Views from the yard....

Unlocked a new level of WAVES collecting today so I had to take a photo 🤣 - three original WAVES officer's bucket hats and one original named WAVES Pharmacist Mate's Chief's bucket hat (that I haven't restored yet). No I'm not keeping all of them..... ha ha! One is already sold and the 22.5 with the blue top is for sale. I'll be keeping the two on the bottom row. #wwii #wwiiuniform #wwiiwaves

#throwbackthursday to one of my favorite places in the world - which is currently on fire based off all the local reports 😭 - I'm really over the natural disasters of 2017....

For those wondering how we're doing.....

Distracting myself from the impending hurricane to give a special shoutout to @wwiisoldier from the ladies at @wwiiwaves - We've been working on some awesome collaborations lately to have PX type items reproduced for our WAVES living historians. The latest include a vinyl stickers that are reproductions of originals that WAVES would often use to decorate their suitcases or seapacks and reproduction WAVES stationary. We know there might not be many of us out there who are telling the stories of the WAVES but we really appreciate how fantastic the whole team @wwiisoldier has been to help us take our living history displays above and beyond the norm and I'm excited to say that I finally have the WAVES suitcase of my dreams! #wwii #livinghistory #wwiiwaves

#ddayohio2017 has come to a close. Having the opportunity to photograph and work with an event like this is so humbling - so many amazing volunteers, so many phenomenal stories from those around you, so much we can learn from the stories of our veterans..... Now to spend the next month editing all of my work!

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