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Ilima-Lei Macfarlane  Hawaiian. Aries. Punahou '09. San Diego State '13. Team Hurricane Awesome. 10th Planet San Diego. Bellator MMA Flyweight. #ilimanator. 🍍

Thank you to my coaches/gym dads @teamhurricaneawesome and @boxnclub for having my back in this insane journey. These guys help me keep my shit together not just in the cage, but also in life. Now if only I would listen to them about dating fuckboys like how I listen to them about fighting lol. Also, thank you @davidmitchelljiujitsu for being my bitch for this fight. It's a role not many guys survive, but you passed with flying colors. Welcome to the team lol. #shouldertoshoulder #10thplanetsandiego #SDCAroadwarriors #Bellator178 #ilimanati πŸ“·: @lucasnoonan

Off the plane and straight to Tahitian practice. If you want to see me get girly and try to dance, I'm performing this Saturday at Shaka Fest with @hiva_katoa. The festival is at Crown Point in Mission Bay and we go on at 3 pm! Hanging up the gloves for the pareo this week. Trading in the armbars for the hula hands. Taking out the mouth piece and putting on da lipstick. #okimdone 🌺 #bangbanghulagang #getagirlwhocankindadoboth?

Besides getting robbed in Boston, Connecticut and the rest of the East Coast, YOU WERE AWESOME lol. San Diego, I steh coming home. We cruise pahtay. #aloha
On a side note, fortunately the thieves weren't MMA fans and didn't take my gloves or wraps, cause that shit is probably worth more than my laptop and speaker. Head over to @mmasignatures if you wanna buy them and contribute to the Replace-Ilima's-Computer fund 😭. #Bellator178

What a lot of people don't see or appreciate are the people that allow me to fight at the best of my ability. At the best of my ability means that I'm healthy, fed and am able to focus entirely on camp and not shit like worrying if I can make rent or not. Those people are my managers and sponsors, and I got some of the best in the game. First and foremost thank you to my lifestyle gear brand @the86ers_brand who not only keep me hooked up with their latest gear, but who also help me with my partying expenses so that I can work on getting 86'd from places when I'm not in camp (lol jk). A huge thank you to the ones who kept my body in peak performance this entire camp @healthymommamealprep @msp_withmark @sheafamilychiropractic @sandiegocryotherapy. Mahalo to @alohaainapoico for the poi and kulolo and for letting me represent da kanaks. Shoutouts to my fight gear sponsors @hayabusacombat and @hawaiianfightgear for always hooking it up. And finally @1law @alienware @tc1gel @mmasignatures @lexaniofficial and @rollingbigpower for helping me pay my bills! This fight life is hard as shit, but you guys make it doable! Also, I wouldn't even know half of these guys without my management company @janus_sports. Seriously some of the best people I know, thank you @mattaptaker and @kylestoltz79 πŸ™πŸ½. #Bellator178 #ilimanati

There really is no way to thank everyone involved, except to say that I felt everyone's love and mana all the way here in Connecticut. I truly believe that I have the best support system in the world. From my gym dads, trainers, teammates, freaks, shark tankers and mean girls, to my amazing managers and sponsors, to my @bellatormma 'ohana, to my family who was watching near and far...I am the luckiest girl in the world and I love you all. #Bellator178 #ilimanator #ilimanati

I yelled at Uncle @realroyce for taking his lei off. You never take off a lei that you receive from a Hawaiian, unless you are giving it to someone else πŸ˜‚. Thank you everyone for the looovvveee ❀️ #Bellator178

Even though I have a squeaky clean record and am one of the only non felons on the team (πŸ˜‚), I'm sponsored by criminal law firm @1law JUST IN CASE. Go to and enter to win my autographed hat and other memorabilia...or just go if you need some legal advice, you crazeh fakas πŸ‘ŠπŸ½. #privateschoolgirl #Bellator178

Today's the day Jessica and I go to war. I have nothing but respect for this woman and am honored to be sharing the cage with her as the co-main event tonight. You can catch us throw down at 9/8 C, 6 pm Cali time, and 3 pm Hawaii time if you have Direct TV on @spiketv. Mahalo to everyone for the love and support. Let's do this! #Bellator178 #girlpower #ilimanator 🌺

Red cornah πŸ‘ŠπŸ½ #Hawaiian #ilimanator #Bellator178 πŸ“·: @lucasnoonan

Me and @jsmithmma sharing an intimate moment. I think I was telling him that I took my pants off lol. #Bellator178 🌺

Weight cut brought to you by @tc1gel. Thinking about holding another contest to be the person who rubs this shit on me for my next cut lol. But in all seriousness, THANK YOU @tc1gel for helping me make it down to my fight weight. It was FIYAH πŸ”₯. #TC1gel #Bellator178 #teamnoabs #dumbanddumberscene

Made weight. Not gonna lie, that shit sucked. But thanks to my unnervingly calm team @boxnclub @teamhurricaneawesome @davidmitchelljiujitsu, my meal prep family @healthymommamealprep and my new sweat sponsor @tc1gel, I DID IT. Cause I'm a muthafuckin' professional (I straight up yelled "125.8 madafakaz!" when I came out of the bathroom 😭). Anyway, make sure to catch the weigh-ins tonight at 5/4 central on the @bellatormma Youtube page if you wanna see my nipples again. Shooooooots. #pinipplesprincess #Bellator178 #flyweight #weenie #dramalani

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