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Evan Pierson  KC Blues Rugby 🏉. All-American sprinter & USATF certified coach 🏃🏻. I like to make videos 🎥. Complete nerd 🎮. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


It’s finally live! Last year I shot a series of running videos for the motion tracking company called Endless Reference. They created a video library offering motion reference clips to help animators better understand how the human body moves through various movements. They offer clips shown in real time, slow motion and without a grid. Their library consist of male and females of different ages and body types. Really helpful for aspiring and/or current or animators in the video game or movie business. Check out their website or YouTube page for sample videos!

Shoutout to my dad filming my running part on that cold, foggy morning!
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📌 Correction. Confusion of wording on my end. Eliminate the gap between the back foot and block. Not the recoil altogether.

Don’t get into the bad habit of leaving a gap between your back foot and block. Keep your foot against the blocks when in the set position. Every movement and millisecond counts, especially in the 60 meter race!
#sprinter #sprinting #60m #100m #trackandfield #usatf #tracknation #blockstarts #sprintcoach #acceleration

We got in one last, great workout before the new year comes in! All your hard work will pay off in the long run, I’m excited to see what your season brings!
#sprinter #sprinters #speedwork #trackandfield #usatf #tracknation #athletics #trainingforwarriors

Solid speed workout with some fellow ruggers!

@marcusanderson aka Maaarcus’ first time out in KC! He was flown out here to be in the newest #Hallmark commercial! Big things ahead of you man, glad we got to hang out for a bit just like the good old track days.

#theactorslife #outrack #sprinters #mybuddymypalmyfriend

Started doing box squats for a refresher on squatting properly. I also do these because of the benefits that come along with them such as.

Forces you to generate forces from a standstill position, same concept can be applied to coming out of blocks.
Learn how to “sit” more into a squat as compared to normal squatting.
Easier to learn and safer.

#squats #boxsquats #fasttwitch #trackandfield #sprinter #sprinting #rugby7s #tracknation #strengthtraining #trainingforwarriors

Welp, I ran the 60m at KU this weekend and haven’t ran it since 2012 lol. Needless to say I was a bit rusty, impatient and threw everything out the door. - Came out of the blocks too high and my angles were off 📐
- Drive phase was cut wayyyyy too short and started “running” 15-20 meters out 💩
- Need more of a forward lean when running ↗️ Sprinting is hard to do correctly, especially in a 60 meter where one step can throw off the entire race. The first steps are crucial and pretty much determines the rest of the race. If I was patient there would’ve been a significant drop in the final time. It’s a process, but oh well on to the next race ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #trackandfield #sprinter #sprinting #sprintcoach #tracknation #usatf #60m #alwayslearning

Thankful for family, still missing a lot! #colorado

Thanks for having us the City of Steel! It was such a fun and memorable time seeing friends getting married and sight seeing in a new city with the one and only @shummeh_!

Can’t believe it’s already been a year since we first started dating! It’s going to be a fun weekend celebrating our one year and watching @papi_to and @croeth10 finally getting married!! #pittsburgh

Thanks @eques.inc for the Eques Elf smart plug! I love using this with my phone so it does not overcharge my battery using the smart charge function! Pretty cool gadget that lets you power on/off any device that is plugged into the smart plug using your wifi, all controlled by your phone! You can get it from their website or Amazon.

I've been doing single leg box jumps every now and then for the past couple of years. I love doing these over normal box jumps depending on the goal of the workout.
Single leg box jumps are great if you want to improve unilateral explosiveness. Running is somewhat of a "bound" from one leg to another. Adding the seated aspect creates more of a challenge. It makes you rely on your fast twitch muscles (type II) to swing your leg forward and use the elastic energy from the seated to the single leg position to propel yourself vertically.
I wouldn't recommend these to beginners or younger athletes as single leg jump requires a lot of coordination, strength and proper equipment. It's potentially dangerous if you aren't careful or dont know how to do it. That's why it's essential to understand proper leg cycling when running as it translates to other exercises as well.

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