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Let me explain something to you..... I have had nothing, acquired a lot.. yo-yo’d.... But I refuse to let anyone discredit my worth at any capacity to dim my shine. On any level. If you don’t see the goddess before you, it’s not fit you to see, but never let ANYONE dim your brilliance. #word

the happiest of Saturday’s 12/15 🖤

word. the lie ain’t no where in sight.

Sometimes you have to just show people you love you LOVE THEM and appreciate them. I never have to lie about my credentials. I have amazing clients. My work had been seen in 100s of thousands of homes, pages in books, been the inspiration behind your favorite graphic designer. I have receipts TRUST ME. But sometimes you gotta be humble other times you have to let a MF know. I love you @myleik and appreciate our relationship in every way. You set BARS. PERIOD. a much needed and appreciated #tbt TODAY 7 years ago. FYI we still rocking. 👋🏾

no caption necessary.

LET ME TELL YOU’ THIS..... if you didn’t have anything in common with anyone ever in life, this year had been the year of REVELATION! @realjohngray this message spoke to me ON EVERY LEVEL and I’m sure it spoke to you all too. The truth is irrefutable!!!!!

my baby girl @nursemo_ sent me this at an absolutely weak portion of my week (nothing is coincidental). although I was ecstatic to enter new energy, I felt weak and helpless having moved all by myself in the cold and rain. My body was in severe pain, my mind in disarray. My internet isn’t turned on yet ( @att Has truly given me the run around, sadly), I have a lot to do yet and deadlines out the whazooo. But like everything in life, fresh new beginnings in this new moon of Sagittarius (my birth moon) and final new moon of 2018, to whom much is given, much is required. I feel in my spirit all of my heart’s desire I will HAVE. And for that I am truly grateful and blessed. My new apartment is amazing. I’m in the same area, but it’s exactly what I asked for And manifested. My divinely protected home. Thank you. Happiness awaits.

Finally... The first relaxing moment all week.

bedtime affirmation.

save the best for last. my fave was born today and has inspired my life ever since... like for real. #shawncoreycarter | HOV. | genius levels.

that part.

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