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Johari Ilham  This is my life, this is my story not perfect, but colourfull 🇮🇩

Aku selalu menikmati dgn siapa aku berjumpa. Teman, sahabat, perempuan yg ku cinta. Semuanya sangat ku syukuri, semuanya terasa sgt menyenangkan..

Bukankah menikmati hidup itu sbnrnya simple dan gk mahal?
Yg terpenting adalah selalu bersyukur dgn semua hal yg telah diberikan Allah sama kita

Mereka-mereka ini lebih dari sekedar teman 😎

Sometimes in life,
your situation will keep repeating itself
until you learn your lesson.

Dirgahayu Republik Indonesia yang ke 72 tahun🙏 🇲🇨

"Kemerdekaan bukan tanda untuk berhenti berjuang, tapi tanda untuk berjuang lebih keras"

Kamu kapan ada waktu, jalan sama aku?

Not everyone will understand your journey. That's okay.
You're here to live your life, not to make everyone understand~

Enjoy the simple life

if I were superman and I really can fly, sometimes I want a little time soaring in the sky, close all my eyes and all ears far from crowds, savour all the serenity and stillness, let my body stops at midair having a rest, to letting go every hate and detest, I know the war will break sooner or later, but overlooking this world once again made me feel better.
Maybe being alone is all I need, rather than adjacent to the wicked.
but I ain't superman and I can't fly, but I ain't good at give up so I keep try

Everybody has a chapter they don't read out loud

Kita satu pertanian 🌱
(AGB USU - AET Unpad - AGB UB)

Agricultural squad of BBB @bukanboybandbang

Maybe it's not about the happy ending, but maybe about the story

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