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Ilgiz  Ilgiz F. Paris, 4 rue de Miromesnil, 75008. For appointment call +33 9 81 43 97 14 Москва, 3-я улица Ямского поля, 9 (Арт-резиденс), +79639931575

От эскиза и до его воплощения в драгоценном металле, камнях и эмали , требуется огромное количество часов напряженного труда.
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Самарканд - город удивительных восточных сказок, которые хранятся в каждом из нас. Я начинаю работу над коллекцией Самарканд в которой расскажу свои короткие сказочные истории.
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Be playful this summer wearing our light and tender chandelier earrings with butterfly motif! Photo credit: @ilgiz_f

Our one of the most frequently posted piece — the Vesuvius ring from the #fivemountainpeaks collection. It is sold long time ago, but we still get thousands of requests. Thank you guys for your love and support! ♥️ Photo credit: Evgeny Pakhol for @hernameismargo #ilgizfazulzyanov

These lovely ear studs are a great option for those who prefer small jewelry pieces, yet still want to look extravagant and special. Photo credit: @ilgiz_f

This peacock necklace is among a few items left for sale from our Kremlin exhibition. For more details kindly DM or call us (all contacts are available in bio). Photo credit: Evgeny Pakhol for @hernameismargo

The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough. Our papillon pendant is created to give you many special moments. Photo credit: @ilgiz_f #ilgizfazulzyanov #ilgizf

What can swallows seen through a window inspire? Indeed, Ilgiz’s imagination knows no bounds. Photo credit: Evgeny Pakhol for @hernameismargo #ilgizfazulzyanov #ilgizf

For our fashionable ladies there is a reduced-weight version of chandelier earrings that can be easily worn during the day. Use your chance and catch them until the piece is on sale 👌🏻 Photo credit: @ilgiz_f

To see our jewelry in reality is possible making an appointment in our Moscovite or Parisian galleries or visiting Harrods in London. For more details never hesitate to write or call us!
Photo credit: @katerina_perez #ilgizfazulzyanov #ilgizf #oneofakindjewelry

Are you ready for the final game of FIFA World Cup 2018 on Sunday? Our lovely Matryoshka (Russian doll) ring would be a precious reminder of this exciting event! Photo credit: @ilgiz_f #ilgizf #ilgizfazulzyanov

One of the source for Ilgiz’s inspiration is Art Deco style with straight lines and geometrical forms. However, he always finds a way to add a personal touch and make the finished piece recognizable from the first glance! The “Burdocks under the quartz” necklace is a wonderful proof of these words... Are you going guys to join us tomorrow at @lecolevancleefarpels? If you have a chance, be sure not to miss this only one meeting with #Ilgiz in #Paris! All details are available by clicking the link in our bio!! Photo credit: Evgeny Pakhol for @hernameismargo #ilgizfazulzyanov #ilgizf #oneofakindjewelry #joaillerie

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