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#toyfair2017 this is no joke. I need to start flippin over banks, taking babies to the goodwill or charge to be the wingman for ugly dudes so they get the ladies lol

The homie @songoku shot me a link and YES that fusion pose is possible! Definetly make me wanna get em more. That dry brush the guy did is not a bad idea either....hmmmm

Welp...looks like that pose was a dream...oh well. They still dope af

Always next season. #falconsnation #riseup

Its been nice know you guys ✌ lol

#falcons #riseup julio jones with the spirit of MJ

Ok im done playing LIFE on expert mode. Can i drop it to easy and use the game genie? Anybody got cheat codes?

Lmfao...that shit got scrapped faster then the script for Beverly Hills cop 4

TRU run hit earlier. $5 a piece. #megabloks #tmnt #megablokstmnt