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You‘re a fool if you can‘t man up and tell a woman how you feel. That ‚I don‘t care‘ attitude won‘t get you anywhere

The only person that deserves a special place in your life is someone that never made you feel like you were an option in theirs

You Rock My World #michaeljackson #firstlove

I rebuilt myself from the ashes, after you burned me alive with your cold, cold words

📽🎞🎼🌎✨🦋💬💙 #LanaDelRey

Augenbrauen machen so, ich machen so, unfall.. #abiturduzerstörstmeinleben

you can‘t fix yourself by breaking someone else

Tıka basa dolusun
Ama icine atmaya devam ediyorsun

“يا بعيده بالمسافة، يا قريبه بالشعور”
“You are far by distance, You are close by feelings”

nothing really goes away, it‘s always here

“She’s scared to get close to anyone anymore, because everyone who promised her they would stay, turned their back on her and walked away.”
Bryson Tiller

there‘s always something

“But baby I’m a pro at letting go
I love it when they come and go”
(via theweeknd)

1998 (ich hab kein plan wer der Mann ist)



Love Me Harder ♡

“I’m gonna need you to love me a little harder sometimes. Most days, I’ll act like I’m just fine. I’ll paint my smile across my face and wear it proudly. I’ll laugh loudly like I’ve never tasted sadness in my life. But other days, I will not be so strong. I will not walk boldly into the room, I will collapse into it. My vision of life will be clouded by darkness, and I will make my walls extra thick in hopes that you don’t notice. Please, notice. And when you do, pull me close. Hold me until we’re both too warm for anything else to matter. Let me breathe you in. Tell me that you love me, don’t stop until I respond, and then tell me again. I know this could be inconvenient for you, and I’m sorry.”

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