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@James_Marsden on Corden in @Isaia - styled by yours truly. Grooming @davestanwell #deadtomenetflix 🙌🏻 🙌🏻

Showtime’s The L Word was my very first styling job. I worked on season 2. It gave me my start as a stylist and was basically like Styling Boot Camp for me, as I was styling the show’s 10 leads at about 5 outfits each per week. I was also insanely green (I was only 23 at the time and had never styled a day in my life), was way in over my head, and was flying back and forth between LA and Vancouver with all the clothes every few days. It was so intense I would sometimes cry at the Canadian border and even cried on the phone to my mom once 😂. But I met some amazing women on the show including my best friend @sarahshahi (I am the Godmother to her children and she is to my daughter), got to work alongside my other best friend @bubsypicklesmom. Actress @miakirshner not only came up with the idea of me coming on board to style the show but she also really went to bat to make them hire me - so in a way I owe my career to her.
One of my oldest friends @DanMinahan happened to be directing the very first episode I worked on - showing up that first day on what felt like my first day of school and finding Dan there saved me. We still laugh about it to this day (and now he’s got the Deadwood movie coming out!!) Also one of the only guys on the show - Eric Lively (yes, Blake’s brother.... funny enough since I now style @vancityreynolds... talk about coming full circle) is probably the reason I fell in love with men’s styling in the first place. I still remember all of that beautiful @maisonmargiela, @commedesgarcons and @marcjacobs I used to put on him. Anyway... So there we are. Full circle.
I can’t believe they’re doing a sequel!! Really makes me reminisce on my career thus far.

@James_Marsden in @Missoni for the MOCA benefit gala - styled by yours truly. Grooming @davestanwell. 💙

Been dressing this incredibly lovely & genuine human for 7 seasons of #GameOfThrones press (and all his other projects in between). Another end of an era.... !! Excited for all he does next. Swipe for years of @nikolajwilliamcw red carpet looks styled by yours truly :) #GOT #jaimelannister #kingslayer

Thomas Middleditch at his premiere of @godzillamovie in @PaulSmith - styled by yours truly (Godzilla pin from @tokuarts 🦖😁)

Christopher Abbott in @Eidos @Santospurr for the London premiere of @catch22onhulu - styled by yours truly

New @ladyantebellum single and video out now! Go check it out! Album art & video styled by yours truly

We call this one: Spazz at Sunset #tbt (@nina on VO + 🎥)

Ok so this week was this guy’s birthday. One of the all time great guys. One of my all time favorite humans in the world. Happy happy (very belated) birthday @ramimalek! So happy you were born! And here’s some of my favorite of our outfits ... just a little trip down our sartorial memory lane. (Swipe ◀️)

Counting down the weeks... 🇮🇹 🇪🇸 with @therealjohnnyhunt

Christopher Abbott in Rome for the premiere and press for @catch22onhulu - styled by yours truly in @dolcegabbana (premiere) then @Eidos (press day)

Full nerd-out at the vintage @Porsche event at the Universal Backlot today! 🧨 Thank you for having us Porsche & @oshively 💥💥💥 #Luftgekuhklt6 #luft6 @therealjohnnyhunt (more in my stories)

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