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When your first time wearing a tie is on your wedding day, and your almost father-in-law puts it on for you. This was from my last trip to Tahoe. I came out to second shoot with @laurenlindleyphoto at the beginning of August and I just shot with her here again yesterday.


Thanks a ton to Eau Claire’s @pablocenter for having me as one of the photographers for this weekend’s grand opening. It’s been a total blast so far and I’m looking forward to tonight’s performance!

“Instead of a normal engagement session, can we just buy you beers and food at Mickey’s? We can just hang out and you can bring your camera.” Yes, please.

Nothing fancy, just love.

Some of my the most goosebump-inducing moments on wedding days include grandparents. Yvette + Andrew’s wedding day was a goosebump factory.

ilana: how did you feel these past 10 days trying to relocate and replan your wedding due to the flooding?
jess + brian: 👆

Mount horse > get tossed off horse > get a crutch > groomsmen steal that crutch > boom. Your guests get to play limbo.

The first three photos are in reverse order. I was lucky to have @danielpullen in town to help me shoot this weekend’s weddings and these are his photos. Daniel was outside at the start of the baraat when the horse got scared and bucked Milap off and knocked down two other people. Milap was assisted by a crutch and his groomsmen or Toria for the rest of the day since walking caused too much pain. His older sister, Megha told me that Milap has an incredibly high pain tolerance and that was the worst amount of pain she’s seen him endure...and he did mostly all of it with a smile on his face.

From the first email I received from Toria last October: We're looking for a photographer who would love to capture the authentic moments and be willing to work with a non-traditional flow for the wedding day. We also don't like to take life too seriously, so we loved seeing how you captured real emotions and also humor in your photos // I’m not sure how exactly to put my experience working with these two into words quite yet. I can definitely say from our first meeting last October, through their engagement GIF session this winter, to their wedding on Saturday, anyone would be lucky to have Toria + Milap as friends, let alone family. P.s. their wedding was a great reinforcement for the lesson that you should always go into a wedding day with no expectations. More on that later.

📷: @duyho_ Thanks to Kate Pullen and Hatteras, NC, I get this guy on loan for his 3rd and 4th wedding in Wisconsin this year! P.s. it’s the last two days to get your nominations in for the best of madison. My mom hasn’t figured out how to vote for me, so I could use all the help I can get! That means you and some friends could nominate me today (Thursday) and tomorrow! Maybe I’ll get through to the final round. P.s.s. Dear Mom, I still love you. The link to vote is in my profile and I promise madison magazine will not spam you :)

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