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ilana natasha  photographer // northern exposure junkie // appropriately inappropriate // curious // often a spaz // a textbook ENFP // currently in Kona, HI


Kimberly from Georgia, currently living in Iceland with her boyfriend, Connor.

It was really cold yesterday, so I told them to run towards me to warm up on our way back inside. I made the mistake of yelling, “RED LIGHT!” Lesson learned, I need to yell that more often while on snow-covered ice.

This is Lisa (@lisahibbert_ ). I met her last spring during a week long gathering of photographer friends. I have too much to say about her, but just know that we are really good at singing songs together whether or not we’re singing all of the right words or notes. She’s hilarious and you’d be lucky if she ever joined you on a road trip.

January was a roller coaster of a month. It kicked off with an amazing New Year’s dance party thanks to @maureenmcassidy + @neeel.the.real.deal, and it wrapped up in Iceland with an almost overwhelming amount of memories, friends, family, and photography in between. A few more days in Iceland then it’s back to Wisconsin for a slice of time.

I spoke on the phone with my grandpa earlier this week. I told him I was in Portland and then heading straight to Texas. He misheard me with his almost 92 year old ears and replied with, “Oh, great! I’ll be so excited to you!” After some futzing with Delta, I’m now on a plane heading to Tucson. Needless to say, I’m excited to see him too.

Hatteras, North Carolina. April 2017.

My Grandpa Arch being smothered in kisses by his wife, two daughters, two granddaughters, and one great-granddaughter ❤️

My grandpa Arch, his one and only great grand kid, Hazel, The New York Times, and a “Frozen” microphone.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I’ll see you tomorrow, it’s less than a day away 👓🤓🌈🎄🐶📷 The Ugly Sweater Portrait Party starts at 6pm on Friday, but @statelinedistillery’s Happy Hour starts at 5pm when the doors open. Hooray for 50 degree days in December!

I’m pretty lucky and grateful to live in Madison and be a part of an amazingly talented, fun, and kind community of photographers. This is Daniel. Unfortunately for me, he and his rad family live in North Carolina. I met Daniel in November 2016 at the Fearless Conference in Charleston. Fortunately for me, he and a handful of other folks have become pretty darn good friends of mine since then and a lot of us reunited last week at the same conference. It’s always hard to leave my photographer friends when it’s time to head home. After all, we’ll never have a dull conversation, we learn a lot from each other, we all understand when any of us stops dozens of times on a 5 minute walk down the block because one or several photos need to be taken, and we have the best dance parties you could imagine. That being said, @danielpullen, buy your ticket to @mysticseminars2018 so we can all hang out again in a couple of months :)

I’m riding shotgun with my mom to Colorado to spend Thanksgiving with my sister and niece. My two pups are in back and Zoe’s breath is dizzying, so scrolling through my Dropbox photo file is helping me ignore stinkbreath.

What goes up must come down.

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