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グーンフンガレージ🗡🌹🐉  Chasin dreams 🕸⛓ creative, procrastinative, crazy is an understatement 💡

Cut off these ties
till this is why
we were holding to one night
breathe in without love
hear me form these lines
falling in love
If you were ever wondering where my stupid captions come from its usually 50/50 something I wrote or Dance Gavin Dance. Jonny has the voice of an angel paired with the soul of the devil :')

7am, 2 bottles and the wrong fucking road #seeeeyaaaa

Open your eyes and look north #doubledenimdays


Ain't no thang but a chicken wangg

Hood Asian bitch mate n pizza n troublemaking among other things from a couple nights ago

Content to the fullest extent 😇🌹

You can't change the past so why dwell on it? Change yourself for the better, for a better future for yourself. Richer in every way. Knowledge is power. Appreciate what you have and use it to your fullest potential.

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