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グーンフンガレージ🗡🌹🐉  Chasin dreams 🕸⛓ creative, procrastinative, freelancing n all that 💡

So I'm baking a cake, got this badass oven filled with goodies and treats
For all of my friends
Then Hunter comes and he poisons the food
Everyone is dead, now wasn't that rude 💭

🗻 the best view is from the top

Tb masterpiece n inspirational quotes 2012

I made a beautiful lil friend at the park the other day, we didn't want to leave each other. And I don't mind you making my brand new shirt dirty Gus it was worth 😅❤ #bullterrier

Can't change the things that I do
Can't say that I want to
What's right for me might not be right for you
I've lost count of how many times
I've had to apologize for doing the right thing
I'm through with doing the right thing
Fighting to survive with no remorse
I've got empty hands, all I want is more
All I want is what I deserve and what I've earned
You won't reap the benefits of what I earn
Still alive, TUI
TUI, until I die

Going through my old Instagram reminiscing about a lot of great memories and thinking of how things have changed, I really used to make myself laugh because I never knew how to give a fuck. And although I'm still caught up on a lot of things the past is long gone and I feel blessed to be where I am now, learnt from the worst of situations, lucky to have good mates help me pick it up again and am content with life knowing I wouldn't change a thing ⌛ I keep those positive vibes and know I'm only going up from here 😇🌱 slowly but surely I'm still chasing those dreams, a step at a time @iktsq_old ❤🌹

I just wanna keep meeting these new people and doing these new things and making better memories. Forever is only a lifetime

You keep my feet on the ground and my head out of the clouds

Cute girls WITH EVEN CUTER DOGS. Lil shiba made my night. The excitement on my face is that of a 4 year old on a jumping castle

Day break got me feeling high like I never have

Before you open your mouth, let me make it clear
I can't be brought down
Cus I stand so high

You shake my hand
Say pleased to meet you
Look me in the eye
It's hard to believe you

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