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πŸ‘ΉπŸ‘»MaxπŸ‘»πŸ‘Ή  πŸ’«nervous 20 year old πŸ’« 🐟 sensitive pisces prince 🐟 πŸ”œA-kon πŸ”œ


icon legend and star



bad bitch alert

Last day at work 😩 I'm gonna miss everyone so much I love y'all πŸ’–

you're a dream come true πŸ’– I can't wait to b Sophie ahhh!!!!!! tbh I love this wig too much!!! It's an @ardawigs in Jane in Silver!!!

when u waiting for ur ride but U look good

I just took this picture in the parking lot of my work and it's low quality but I like how I look so WHOMST cares

I miss roxi πŸ’” if y'all haven't seen her widowmaker cosplay please go check it out because it changed me as a person

"you're in love, don't deny it. you've been sighing all day" πŸ’– Sophie makeup test since I bought the wig ✨

I found the shirt I wanna be buried in today

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