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Ikan International  Video production gear! Check us out at ikancorp.com Questions? Contact 713-272-8822 or sales@ikancorp.com. #filmmaking #ikangear #poweredbyikan

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Views from that Ikan on-camera 7" monitor. We have THREE 7" monitors that just happen to be On Sale right now on ikancorp.com! Great gear shots from @r_l_bes
Reposted from @r_l_bes - At Work • 🎥
The kit was in the field last week filming content pieces for Spectrum NY. .
This week we're back at it in FL. Excited to be heading to today's location bringing some good images to compelling stories.
#Filmmaker #OnSet #fieldwork #bmd #pocketcam4k - #regrann

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The @Zacuto Live Studio being lit up by Large Lyra LED panels! What lights do you use in your studio? Comment below to let us know! 👇👇👇 Visit ikancorp.com to see all Lyra studio lighting options with DMX control.
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Great shot from @jseugene! If you have a tablet, you're one step closer to a tablet teleprompter! Check out Ikan's line of ELITE Tablet Teleprompters on ikancorp.com

Reposted from @jseugene - When it comes to lighting my interview shoots, I’ve learned that finding the right interview location is the key to a good, soft, cinematic look! Filming, mostly, documentary projects, I don’t always have the privilege to choose a perfect location. You gotta create something beautiful out of whatever you have. But when there is a choice, I prefer having a big location with some architectural features for added texture, and with some existed lighting options. Mainly, because it gives that blurred background effect and minimizes background details that allow focusing more clearly on your subject. But also it gives you that creative space and flexibility to play with the light in the background, in addition to your three-point lighting setup. This screenshot, from an educational video series that I’m working on rn, is an example of that!
To all my creative followers let me know what you think, or if you have any suggestions! *
Camera: Sony A7s ii
Lens: Canon 35mm 1.4 with Metabones
Monitor: Atomos 4K
TelePrompTer: Ikan. —————————
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@theofficialmads and director @mysteryguitarman on the set of 'Arctic' getting a look at a shot on set. With the Ikan Monitor Support easily mount your monitor on a stand and pick it up with the convenience of the handlebars. Read all about #Arctic on Polygon.com >> article >> "How a Youtuber got the chance to pit Mads Mikkelsen against a polar bear"
See more accessories on ikancorp.com
#arctic #joepenna #ikan #gear #productionlife #onset #onlocation

@jerseyfilmmaker killing it with some awesome gimbal maneuvers!
Reposted from @jerseyfilmmaker - How do you think this shot came out?! 🤔🎥🏃‍♂️

⭐ 150mm ND Glass Filters in 2-STOP, 4-STOP, 5-STOP ⭐

The design of this filter has been optimized for use with digital sensors and to promote nearly flat attenuation of visible and infrared light. Due to imaging sensors’ greater susceptibility to infrared light, compared to traditional film, color casts can occur when photographing darker subjects that require increased exposure times. . . .

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