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Jacqueline Iovino  Jacqueline Iovino Official BA UCLA | Cultural Anthropology Future Lawyer *Vegan 33 Yrs* Cruelty Free * Animal Rights* Human Rights

Me when I stepped in to the #Zara store and then me after the aliens returned me behind the dresses. Just kiddinggg. Some filter I found.

NB: I seem to never look the same in any photo.

Spunky fancy.

My other son.
He don't do bowls.
He's on his second fancy glass because he knocked this one over and it broke.
He catches flies.
Sometimes he swallows them.

Oh noo, had to ruin a perfectly good statement with the unnecessary use of 'like'. I left it for someone of less grammatical discernment.

You never know what you will find at a Goodwill.

My baby. He's a natural model.

Ever the anthropologist ... or asshole as the uninformed might cry I did a little social experiment at Target while waiting for @sandrita_legal. I put the Target dog statue on one of the three chairs in the dressing room waiting area to see what people would do.

Who would move the dog statue so they could sit,
Who would choose to stand to let the tired dog statue rest
Who would sit in remaining chairs and pretend they didn't notice there's a ceramic dog sitting on a chair.


Oh look, they're finally putting in the Philosophy department's jacuzzi.

Not really. Repair.
Under Construction Like Always

I thanked them for all they do... and then I joined them.

Powerful day of solidarity with UC's largest labor union AFSCME 3299 with CNA & UPTE.

The UC system exploits its workers.

Fighting for what's right. The shirt says it all.

P.S: This is me with one of my favorite nurses from the Ashe Student Health Center.

#3299Strong #Strike4Equality #UC150

Hummus for me. Walnuts for Porky.

On the benches between Luskin and Bunche.

And yes, I carry nuts in my backpack.


The door of this laundromat is a portal to some parallel universe.
Same kid. Same table. Same sign being ignored.

Niños no se permite en las tablas gracias

... Because obviously there's an unpleasant way to learn Dutch.


Okay, well maybe not all of us...

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