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Lilly Singh  Entertainer. One Lover. Unicorn. 🐶: @scarbrothedawg Watch If Game of Thrones Were Indian 📺:

What a wild weekend! I’m so grateful for good friends, good vibes and creating good memories. I’m also so grateful that my liver is a mf real one and my alcohol tolerance is 💯. Additional gratitude that you can’t see how poorly done my eyeliner is from this night. In the photo it looks pretty great but it’s all a lie. God bless. Thank you @phvegas for helping your girl turn up!! Now it’s time to get back to work... 💪🏽#Phabulous #ad

The young Lilly can’t come to the phone right now, she’s DED.
Thanks for having me @backstreetboys. And for serenading me on stage. Everything is fine. IM SUPER CHILL.

If Game of Thrones was an Indian Soap Opera 😂🙌🏽 real talk though, I LOVE Indian cinema and wish everything was edited like this. I said what I said. To watch the full video, link in bio. Enjoy! #ForTheThrone #JatinderSnow #ChapalSlap

During interviews people often ask me what the secret to my success is and I think they expect me to tell them the recipe to a viral video, a financial strategy or maybe even a technique to improve work ethic. But you wanna honestly know how I got to where I am? I fell and then I got back up. And then I fell again and I got back up. Then I got slapped across the face and body slammed and I got back up. Then life kicked me in the ribs and it hurt so much and I got back up. Sometimes I have great days and sometimes I cry myself to sleep. Either way, in the morning, I get back up. And then someone breaks my heart into a million pieces and I get back up. I fail over and over again and get back up. I learn lessons the hard way and get back up. I don’t believe in myself and then I get back up. The words of others knock me down and then I get back up. People leave my life and I feel lost and then I get back up. I make stupid mistakes and then I get back up. No matter what happens, I dig into the depths of my soul and when it feels utterly impossible... I somehow get back up. And it’s hard every single time but I will keep doing it. And so can you.

I hope everyone in the world has a friend in their life like I have @humblethepoet. I don’t think I’d be the person I am today if it weren’t for the countless times Humble has given me perspective, helped me grow and challenged me when no one else would. I feel lucky to be able to hit him up directly and pick his brain because he’s truly one of the smartest and most open minded people I know. I’m sad that everyone in the world can’t tap Humble on the shoulder but I’m happy that you can still benefit from all he knows. My boy just released his new book #Unlearn and I can say with all my heart that if you don’t have a Humble in your life, this book will be your straight talking best friend. There’s so much to learn by unlearning and I encourage you all to go on that journey. I’m personally going through it right now. Clearly, look how enlightened @scarbrothedawg and I look 🥰 Click the link in my bio to get your copy. And do it now because it’s super affordable and you like to save money. Thank you for sharing your brain Humble! I’m so proud of you and all the work and belly rubs you put into this.

If facetune worked on your voice 😂 find you a friend like @nehakakkar that is willing to let you borrow their talent and make you seem better than you actually are. GUYS I TOLD YOU I COULD SING. Just make sure your friend ain’t thirsty... 🙄 tag a friend whose talent you’d like to rob! #ImAHindiExpert #VocalStar #HatersWillSayItsPhotoshopped #AmericanIdol #AppleMacbook

Shout outs to this darling @varundvn for joining me on stage during my #ytff performance. I didn’t even have to beg, he offered, because he’s a gem like that. And not only did he join me on stage, but this man straight up SHOOK me and made me forget my lyrics because hello do you see his face and...stuff. What a stud! Thank you babe! You’re my fav jabroni. And shout outs to @karanjohar for being so rad! Such a pleasure to meet you. Dope vibes all around. ❤️❤️

Cha, paani, biscuit gang. Ain’t no way you’re leaving our sight without eating a samosa at the very least. Real talk though, I walked into @diljitdosanjh trailer and he had gulaab jaman, samosas and biscuits waiting and I was like YAS HOME. Hun gal baniiiii 🙏🏽❤️ #SevaSquad #BiscuitBuddies

When you meet someone from the motherland 😂😂 this is DEF how Punjabis greet each other, complete with a 5 minute long hand holding session and family tree check in. To be honest, @diljitdosanjh and I aren’t even acting... someone was just rolling when we met up. 🙏🏽😂

Thank you India! Thank you for your cheers, yours signs, your smiles, your naan, your love and your epic jugaad. Until next time...🙏🏽🛫

Horn okay please.

Thank you to all 15 000 of you that came to #YTFF in Mumbai aka the biggest Fan Fest I’ve ever performed at! Here’s a little peak at what went into prepping for our performance. This performance was a bit challenging because three of the songs I performed I had just released days before. I probably listened to my tracks 100 times, day and night, making the lyrics muscle memory. On top of that, we had to run a last minute mission to alter some costumes and create a giant prop crate to enter out of. While we were out running errands and rehearsing, the team was back at the hotel creating dope visuals for the massive screens. It takes a village y’all. But if #TeamSuper is going to put in the work to attend, then you better believe ya girl and her squad are going to hustle harder to make sure it’s dope af. I think it was one of our best performances yet. Thank you 🙏🏽❤️
Special thanks to: @humblethepoet @chasinglife @norblacknorwhite @durranibros @varundvn @amandacerny @friedpotayters @famouscrewindia

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