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Anna Elizabeth  The journey to natural living in the city. Wardrobe. Bartender. Content. Adventure lover. ae.assisting@gmail.com Los Angeles. Dallas.

In honor of Taurus season, here is a painting titled, “The Birth of Venus”. I am obsessed with this piece by @charmaineolivia #taurusseason #maybabies #venus #thebirthofvenus

Today is a new beginning for me. I get to finally shed the frostbite from the winter storms and bloom in a new season. Sometimes change can be chaotic and push one to the very limit, but it is also necessary and when you release fear, glorious and invigorating. Sometimes self healing wears the mask of destruction, but it’s just another part of the circle of life. It does not need to be feared. 🤗 #oracle #spring #thewinterisover #flower #meditation #dailymusings

Emotions are like crashing waves, sometimes violent and careening towards you. And other times docile and soothing. I think many people not only carry their own emotions but also hold on to the emotions of others. By doing this one can shift their reality to one that is not wholly their own. I had to stop and ask myself, am I creating my reality from a place that is my own or allowing residue and expectations that have been picked up from the world set my direction for me. Am I acting out of my authenticity or out of the expectation given to me by someone else’s ideals and perception. #reflections #oracle #ocean #authenticity #penny #flashesofdelight #nightcontemplation #messagesfromtheuniverse #reality #liveyourtruth #chakras #meditation #selflove

Relax, heal and grow. All the energy today is moving us forward, don’t get stuck in things meant to be left behind! Live according to your purpose and do not think you need anyone’s permission to be yourself! 💕✨#newmoon #newyou #crystals #dreambath #magicofplants #selflove #tea #ritual #citrine #backtobasics #goodmorning #spring #aries #happiness #authenticity #loveyourself #healing #moonmagic #monday #manifesting

Mecury Retrograde brought out some deep seeded false beliefs that were being carried, and spring’s first New Moon [in aries] brings the energy to lay new foundations and fulfill our full potentials based off our new truths and authenticity. It is the last new moon in aries for awhile so set those intentions and initiations. Allow the passage through to rebirth and stand in your power unapologetically. 🌑🌻🐣 #newmoon #byemercuryretrograde #ariesseason #authenticself #highestpotential #spring #youareenough #whenmasculinemeetsfeminine #kundalini #meditation

I debated to write this post for several days, what would it mean to allow myself to share my journey with myself for all to see. The vulnerability that it would take me back to. Here I am doing it anyways, unblocking the belief I have held for myself that others value or opinion of me is the one that shapes my reality and life. I’ve been slow going and resisting the change taking place since starting f&m this year, but I am changing. And I have learned to at the very least accept that I need to go at my own pace, to stop letting guidelines and boundaries from others to dictate my space and energy. With this I bow in humility and ask for help, and accept that I do not have all the answers, nor do I need to. And with all this comes the essence of freedom in the wind, the ability to stop and be present, to breath. I might not be there, but this is also the first time I felt I might get there, and that is worth throwing aside my own self impositions, and allow myself to receive the power being given back to me. Or perhaps I am taking it back. :) #fnsupported @freeandnative

Sun gazing. One of the best sources of energy and healing we have. Your body is meant to work with nature not against it. 🌞 📷: @ceezuh

So blessed to have found the love of my life. Everyday with you is a gift. I'm glad I got to spend yet another birthday with you @talented_af !💕 #herestomanymoreyears #happybirthday #loveofmylife 📷: @ceezuh

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