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Ibrahim I 

The hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam made mandatory on all able-bodied Muslim to perform once in a lifetime. It is commemoration of the worship struggle of our father Ibrahim(peace be upon him) and his family in the desert of Arabia ..

A city that was ranked #1 as a livable city in the world 9 times..... it’s a very interesting fact hmmm

Imperial summer residence in Vienna Austria with 1441 rooms, most important architectural culture since 1569

Wine festival in a village close to Freiburg....such a lot activities in a short time @ariooooone it was very much pleasant time thank you again

Ohhh how I really loved this place, thank you very much @ariooooone and all your family

Nothing like nature would refresh a mans soul

It was so nice catching up after almost 8 years and lovely to meet your family and see your adorable daughter @antexst . Thank you !!

A city that has a lot to offer and home to European Central Bank

more reason to love this country 🇳🇱

The only city I MIGHT give it a go to settle in besides addis 👌🏼

Glimpse of a day in Paris!!

Eiffel Tower at night right before the gleam sparkling light happening every one hour !!

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