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, hi, its me 80881  ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ queer baby💧they/them 🌸 pan 💟 50% sincere humanoid 🌱 50% corporate entity 🖇 inquiries 💌 scott.kenyon@iany.com

i’ve been making ceramics again! (not that anyone knew i ever did...) a big host of my angels gracing the window at @pictureroomnyc (much more than pictured here) go say hi & pick one up for someone you might know in need of an angel <3 (also i deleted the insta app off my phone and am posting only through safari... its a little awkward and if you saw this post earlier w a different caption, that was a mistake and included personal info about people close to me, so please ignore 😳 and my sincerest apologies for being a clumsy ludite!!!)

excited to share that i am working with @weare__unbroken__ raising funds to provide free legal and therapeutic support to survivors of institutional abuse and conversion therapy. check out the #unbroken page to learn more &/or click link in bio to donate now !

after an extended and semi-permanent hiatus, i’m back here on this aestheticized volunteer based surveillance project aka instagram to share that i will be going to #sundance for the world premier of adam, especially excited for and proud of @rhysernst for bringing his first feature into the world! thank you for trusting me with the material, being so supportive to work with and bringing together so many special folks onto the project. congrats to everyone who poured energy into this film! (picture of me from the other week, completely unrelated to the film)

sending love to everyone feeling scared right now 💔

not posting much... but this pic was too cute 🐶🌸⚠️

@cheerupbaby_shortfilm is now a staff pick on @vimeo & you can watch it at home after a year of a fruitful festival circuit & everyone asking how the heck they can watch it! congrats @adinahdancyger always impressed and inspired by what you make & grateful to have been able to be a part of it this time around 💛

we found heaven 🍒


so grateful to love and be loved by you @haydendunham <3 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

🌈 need a break from the usual pride month corporate exploitative pink washing? come to #TransDayOfJoy and celebrate you!!! a special event by and for trans & gnc folks that i think will be so fun and nourishing ! 🌸💕🖇 follow @transismagick to learn more and please note: no one will be turned away for lack of funds and we will have volunteers all day to assist attendees with different accessibility needs too! 🌼

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