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Matthew Vincent  I like to do amazing things with incredible people. Trying to squeeze every last amazing drop of excellent out of this life.


DAY 3 underway.
Coffee, puppies, elevated leg, and little more writing. •
Writing about this knee and where I am mentally each day. Making progress it's not just the physical side but handling the mental side of multiple surgeries and two years of rehab. •
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Up and moving. Crutches and straight leg brace. Still taking it easy today. See how tomorrow feels but may be time to start some PT tomorrow. Back to rehab. •
All part of the Journey. This adventure of life has lots of different ways to live it. I choose to be strong. This is short term when compared to how long I've trained. Enjoy the rest and start back slow without setbacks.
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Day 1 on the mend. Things went well. Now to do the time. Coffee still my go to. ☕️
Fully stocked on @habitcoffeeco. What fills your cup.

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#transformationtuesday this is 9 months of work and back to square one. •
But reality is I am healthier, stronger, 50lbs leaner. And mentally in a great place. Some days you drive the boat and sometimes you're just a passenger along for the ride. •
Coming out stronger either way.
#spreadhviii #alwaysparty #fukyoknee
Thanks to everyone for all the well wishes.

The journey we are all on is not linear. Ups and downs are part of it. Take time to enjoy the great stuff. Recognize when you're strong, happy, and things are going your way. •
It is too easy to get overwhelmed when things don't go perfect. Easy to have them pile up and get on top of you. Keep going forward and pushing yourself. Stay focused on the next positive step you can take and stay in control of what you need to. Don't compound your issues with bad decisions. •
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Today is last day before surgery. This pic was taken after last run. Benching with straight leg brace.
No matter limitations from this my effort can still be strong. Going to stay focused on diet and keeping effort high. Won't be the most focused training on goals. It's about maintaining health and sanity through this rehab. •
I have 8 weeks on crutches again. Then 6-8 months rehab again. Long road ahead. •
Thanks to those who have had my back and have kept me motivated to be my best through these challenges. •
Don't lose perspective through injuries. Still healthy, still a hobby, still happy, still can work, still can train, till hungry to be my best. Seems the universe has thrown another challenge my way. Time to get stronger.

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Always remember to believe!!! @mrchuckkasson
What do you believe in?

throwback to @thesupertraininggym till feeling a lot of motivation going into next weeks surgery from my west coast trip.
Can't hit legs right for a bit. Time to build my back. Do what you can do. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
Injuries can be looked at as depressing and major setbacks for athletes. Use this time to attack weaknesses. Learn more about you and what you can do. Get stronger mentally. Gain perspective on big picture of life. I'm still healthy, still happy, and I still have some fight left in me.
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Head over to @huntfitness and check out latest podcast I did with him. Talked about gross fitness industry and what's awesome in life.

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#tbt to doing what I love. Dropping bombs. Something about the stones and being good at them made me proud. I threw disc and hammer as well in college but always considered myself a shot putter. Bigger me and less beard still knew how to party. 🎶 bombs over Baghdad still gets me fired up. #fukyoknee #spreadhviii #alwaysparty

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