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Matthew Vincent  I like to do amazing things with incredible people. Trying to squeeze every last amazing drop of excellent out of this life.


The indifference of stones, weights, and the universe I love. It doesn't owe you progress, explanation, or participation trophies. It's always there consistently waiting for you to give it a go.
#spreadhviii #alwaysparty
Check out newest YouTube vid where I give the Husafell stone another go. 419lbs of history.
Link in bio

Check out newest VLOG!!! Link in bio.

Myself and @blinddogstrong went looking for a fight with Icelands most famous stone. The HUSAFELL. 419lbs
#friendsandfjords #spreadhviii #alwaysparty

This was a great experience for me. The HUSAFEL stone is the most legendary testing stone on earth. It's also one that usually you need a guide to find.
Being able to help Mark. A fellow Highland games pro, who was around for the start of my career be able to make this journey and give it a go was a big honor. Mark competed in Highland games for almost 20 years and lived the life. This type of thing is in our blood. Strength is the bond.
Thanks @blinddogstrong for giving me this experience of watching you pick this ugly bastard up and carry it as far as you can.
Remember it is as much about the journey to where you are as it is the finish line at the end. It wasn't about how far he carried it. It's about the history of it. It's about knowing you and all the other strongest men in history have had the same test and chose to give it a go.
#iceland #spreadhviii #alwaysparty #friendsandfjords @sorinex

"I don't know where I am going, but I promise it won't be boring."
-David Bowie.
Nothing fires me up more than seeing the world. Gaining some new perspective and having some new life experiences.
#spreadhviii #alwaysparty #friendsandfjords

Huge shoutout to @brockbruh and @natalygrace_purrrface for fighting through the wet icelandic weather for 10 days to help get the best footage we could.

And pointed home.
This adventure was a different one for me. Plans change. I'm learning to listen more to what opportunities the universe hands to me.
Lifting stones was the goal. Very little was done. But life experience and getting to know 7 amazing people better was accomplished.
Personal thanks to @brockbruh and @natalygrace_purrrface for rolling with punches and providing the absolute best footage I could have imagined for with restrictions of weather and long days stuck in a car.
@nickkoumalatsos and @alisoncapra keeping me fired up on filming. Love seeing the two of you feed off each others energy about filming and adventure. Thanks for keeping me on me in check that the things I was sweating are not a big deal.
@krissymaecagney and @benharclerode for always being awesome and some of my best friends. Opening my eye to rolling with more of what happens. Less planning and more be in the moment.
And of course @ashley2784 for being by my side at all times. Keeping me from freaking out and being someone who always helps me do more and be better. I love you more and more every day and with every adventure, I'm happier I get to spend the rest of my life with you.

#friendsandfjords #spreadhviii #alwaysparty #hellotrouble #unstoppable

Thanks @natalygrace_purrrface for all the awesome photos. It's a lot of work for me not to look like a page of trash.

This is one of my favorite humans. @krissymaecagney has been a best friend and major influence on me since our first meeting in Iceland. Guess it's appropriate now to share more time there.
I love having other positive, driven, smart, and creative people around me. You should be picky about who you surround yourself with. I know having her in my life and my wife's makes us better people.
Thanks @Krissy for always being awesome. Having integrity to do the right thing first. And despite your insanity always being someone I hold as a first responder. Not to mention I love seeing you happy.
To many more adventures and a lifetime of friendship and strength.

Get out and be free. Knee felt absolutely shattered after this hike up and the hike down killed me. Who care today was a great day to live.
@naked.in.nature getting ready for my new @krissy_mae naked in nature calendar.

So thankful for the adventures I get to have. He change in perspective always sets me straight. Always nice to clear my head and find new motivation, inspiration, and share this experience with a group of awesome people.
This spot in the north of Iceland is over looking the North Sea. For such a small island it does an an amazing job of helping you feel small. The earth is alive here and you can feel it's strength is mountains, steam, wind, and the power of the waterfalls.
Get out and find a new perspective. #friendsandfjords #spreadhviii #alwaysparty #iceland
@barbellapparel jeans

Long drives. Short sleep. Amazing places with incredible people. Gearing up now for a hike. Love this country. Love seeing more of it.
#spreadhviii #alwaysparty #friendsandfjords
@gocarrentaliceland provided us with amazing cars for this adventure. Love attacking these roads and country. Not all paved or friendly but all worth it.

Could be the coldest water I have found here in the North Sea. @siglohotel is amazing and I could very easy make this my life.
#friendsandfjords #spreadhviii #alwaysparty

This here. Right now. Is why I travel. Top of the world.
I feel broken with my knee but extremely happy and welcoming this experience.

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