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IHP Fitness Center  Fitness Center in Boca Raton 💪🏼Voted Top Ten Gym in the Nation ⭐️ 1950 NW Boca Raton Blvd Boca Raton FL 🏝


In Lima Peru preparing for this weekend's certification on metabolic group training. This is command central, how everything gets done. The computer is fired up working on my next book, the logitech speaker is keeping the fire going, and my nutrition is on point – that's how I've lost close to 20 pounds. My supplements, my protein, and awesome food is what's fueling me to the best phase of my life.
I'll keep you posted with pictures of the certification throughout the weekend. Hope you guys are having a Fun Friday - enough of that FLEX BS. LOL

Big announcement - IHP found the cure to baldness during FUN FRIDAY! ENTHUSIASM!! I have an idea ..... why don't we change Why change "Flex Friday" to "FUN FRIDAY"!!!!
Why don't we adults stop taking pictures flexing, especially in our underwear!! As Conner McGregor said to Floyd Mayweather, you are 40 years old - dress your age!! CLASSIC! IGPTs and fitness people, why don't we raise the standard a lil bit! NO MORE SELFIES IN UNDERWEAR!! Lmao
Let's have fun, educate, inspire, and motivate - without acting like insecure 15 year olds!! I'm just saying .....

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Put some explosiveness in your training program with Med balls and resistance bands. Great for starts, cutting, staying low.

Happy Birthday to @ihpfit family member @gilbert_burns ! HBD 😁 Enjoy your special day and wish you an awesome birthday! @gilbert_burns @ihpfit @marcside_of_the_moon
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FULL VIDEO ON OUR FACEBOOK! This is the kind of information you learn at an IHP Mentorship!
At IHP we not only train for show, we also train for go. This video goes over the biomechanics of the chest fly, and chest cable fly. It also provides a killer functional alternative we pioneered at IHP.
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IHP is the world's Premier Functional Training Facility, and fitness professionals from all over the world come to IHP to learn the latest training methods from Juan Carlos, "JC", Santana and the IHP Staff. JC Santana is the owner and director of IHP and has been acknowledged as one of the world's leading authorities on training and performance. Men's Journel voted JC as one of the top 100 Personal Trainers in the United States, and Men's Health voted IHP as one of the top 10 facilities in the country. The IHP staff is one of the country's most qualified teams of fitness professionals. @ihpfit
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If you are a personal trainer and want to learn how to train your clients who have had hip or knee replacements - come to IHP we will teach you how. If you have had hip or knee replacement and want to get strong again, don't put your body in the hands of an amateur. Come to the professionals at IHP and we will get you strong without pain and without tearing your body up. Most people that have had hip replacements are afraid to do serious strength training and become strong. Well I have had two hip replacements and I'm STRONG ENOUGH!!! I'm not a power lifter, nor am I handling those types of heavy loads, nobody needs to unless the are competing! I am just now starting to get back into heavier training after a long period of lighter functional Training! It's been 10 years since I handled over 300 lbs. Now my body is ready for heavier and I have a VERY GOOD FUNCTIONAL BASE that carries over to heavier lifting. Now, when I say heavier, I don't mean powerlifting crazy heavy - I mean functional heavy. After all, god forbid I get assaulted or have to protect myself or family, I only need to pick up a guy more or less my size, then gently place him back onto the concrete head first.LOL That's all the functional strength I need. Therefore, multiple sets 5 reps with 315 is plenty for that function and to start off my strength training. All of my Functional stuff kept me strong enough where on my first workout I did a couple of 225 warm up sets then went to 315 and it felt great! I could have gone heavier but that's how you get hurt - PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE my friends!!!!! I doubt I will go much higher than 400 for 5 reps. I just don't have the need for that heavy stuff - plus the risk of injury goes through the roof. AND FOR WHAT? So I can lift heavy stuff? I'd rather spend the time or effort hitting the bag or rolling with my stud fighters in a BJJ class!
Look into our Mentorship's to really learn from us and ABSORB OUR CULTURE! #stronghips #stronglutes #bocaraton #ihpalltheway #strongcore #jcsantana #ihpfit #ihpmentorship #bocapersonaltraining #bocapersonaltrainer

Fresh from the 2017 NSCA ANNUAL CONFERENCE and still putting in work!
No jet lag, no lack of energy - banging the volume for 1:30. About 30 sets with some range of motion tweaks due to an old Judo injury that lights up my right shoulder every once in a while. But - we got it done with no pain -that's key!!
This is one of the workouts I will be featuring in my new book with Human Kinetics - we signed contracts this week while I was in Vegas!! This book will be nothing but effective programs for building muscles, improving performance, and having enough GAS to outlast the competition!! At 58 I feel as good as I have felt in a long time. The body has transformed along with my heart and spirit!
If you want to see how we do all of this - come to IHP for a MENTORSHIP!!! See you at IHP!! #bigchest #bigshoulders #ihpfit

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NEW VIDEO ALERT! Go to @jcsantanaihp fan page on Facebook for the full video!!! Hey hope everyone is having a great weekend! This is just a very small sample of what you learn in our mentorship programs. This is another version of the power slaying sumo squat. Check it out. For more information about IHP products or Mentorship programs email us at info@ihpfit.com

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Congrats to @nicole_lauryn32 on crushing her club championship! She has been killing it at @ihpfit every week. Great job girl keep it up and keep breaking records. GREATNESS. 💯

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