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Lone star boy. ⭐️  You're just in time.

Just a few months ago I had the pleasure of watching the great @tylerperry preach in Houston, Texas at Lakewood church where he spoke about climbing and maintaining in life as well as the importance of praise and worship. The points he made that day resonated closely with me and I chose to add his words of advice to my every day practices from then on. Fast forward to today and I am proud to say that my team now officially handles the digital marketing for his studios and we are super excited to be working with such smart, kind, funny and loving people! We are fired up and ready to kill it. Can’t drop the ball when you asked God to give you a shot! Let’s gooooooo 🙏🏼

I know I’ve been super quiet on social media (someone even asked me if I was in jail lmao) but I promise it hasn’t been for no reason. I’ve been keeping my head down and working with one of my closest friends (@mrarvinger) on taking our brand @supportblackcollege to the next level. Last month we did 70k in revenue and we are on pace to take it to a million dollar business by the end of next year! I’m blessed to say this because a few months ago I barely had anything at all and I found myself way too close to being in a lot of trouble, but with discipline and God’s favor I was able to take my life to the place I always knew it could be. I talk about God’s blessings over me in hopes that I can glorify him and receive more in the future so I can be a blessing to my family and friends for a lifetime. If you’re in a low place right now, stop worrying about shit that doesn’t matter, put your head down and get to work. Things changed for me and they can for you too. Discipline is key! More updates tomorrow 🙏🏼

Lone star, no crew.

Circle really small, I had to get it on my own.

How can I be the goat if I’m surrounded by sheep?

Raised by the OG, not IG. Shouts out my mama! She gets her looks from me 😂💪🏼

Just another kid in designer. ⚡️

Tryna find the one. 💡

All this madness in Houston, Texas with Hurricane Harvey in the recent weeks has sparked me in a few ways. One way has been with sadness in seeing my city and its people be washed away, but at the same time, I've also realized just how much I am in love with my city as well. I feel like this is the perfect time to debut a song I wrote for the city in a time I was missing it so much, the city that held me down. Song link in bio. Artwork by me. Mixed/mastered by @areddstudio. Produced by Rel One. Listen to this in your headphones or on the highway at night alone. 🤘🏼🍇 #832

I don't know where we gon' go, just know I got the drive. 🚗⚡️

It's the kid straight out the H.

Somewhere in little Mexico searching for my señorita. 🤞🏼🌟

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