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Let me say this before i begin.. i dont give a FUCK if ur offended by what im about to say, so dont bring it into my comments. Its 🤶🏽seasons blocking's bitch!🕎 Anyway... the walter payton man of the year award is officially the "good little nigger" or "good little inmate" award. 🏆Our civil rights leaders are turning in their grave at these so called activists having a damn fish fry for the homeless as opposed to kneeling aka telling these owners to go fuck themselves. Fried fish is extremely unhealthy but im gonna leave the food talk out of this so i dont lose some of u. This guy was CLEARLY kneeling for the wrong damn reason but what he did and now does has NOTHING to do with the kneeling movement. They're separate. He was being a FOLLOWER, like most of the people in the NFL coalition, another topic imma leave alone for now, (stay tuned). If you're kneeling, being talked into having a fish fry for the homeless every other week isnt enough for u. U put your career, your livelihood and your manhood on the line for something u believe u were called to do. If u didnt feel anything close to that, and u kneeled, ur in the fucking way! The NFL would love nothing more than to shove it in proud black people's faces that they got a nigga frying fish and off his knee. This is a slap in the face of real activists and to that i say GO FUCK YOURSELF, @NFL! U and your rapey ass racist ass owners can eat shit! #StopKillingUs #WithFood #AndCops #FuckYourAward #KaepIsTheManOfTheYearBitch

Here's what was inside the dope wrapping paper from #giftwrapmyface! THANK YOU @glittertees @atrophywife for making me and my Bucs Bae's these dope bags for our "favorite things" xmas party! Click on the @glittertees link and see all the amazing things she makes! All of my personalized blinged out game day gear is made by #glittertees as well. So when ur tired of paying $40 for a team logo tshirt, only to look like everybody else at the game, hit her and get something personalized, blinged out, 1 of 1, and for a reasonable price! 😍🔥

How dope is @giftwrapmyface tho???? 😝😝😝They have an awesome website where u can put ANY face u want on wrapping paper (for any occasion) to make it special for your friends and family. This particular paper is for a xmas dinner and gift exchange with the ladies of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The ladies will know which gift is theirs based on who their man is. 😍❤️S/O to Jessica for always looking out and helping me when i need it.😘 If you're still trying to jazz up your xmas gift, or you have a friend with a bday/wedding/babyshower etc coming up, go to giftwrapmyface.com and make it happen! #GiftWrapMyFace Tunes by: @ajfrancis410 #YBNP (what they gon' do with that?)

Dear @ESPN: Since when is it appropriate for someone who reached out as a "mentor" to send shirtless UNSOLICITED selfies to a coworker? Is this what u meant when u said u saw the text messages and they appeared "friendly" ??? And if you did, why didnt you include ALL OF THEM in the clear ATTACK on Adrienne Lawrence? Why send EDITED text convos THAT SHE GAVE YOU AS EVIDENCE in your statement claiming the allegations are false? Why leave out the parts that prove this is harassment? Dont u realize how unethical that is? Why is Ms. Lawrence the only woman you're refuting/attacking? Is it because she's the only woman of color? Is this the Weinstein effect? He came for Lupita but not the other women, just like you're doing. And now, @ClayTravis is on ESPN's side saying the "evidence" proves this is false, even though NO ONE INCLUDING HIM has the full story? 🤦🏽‍♀️What about the collusion and retaliation in this case? This isnt just text messages and photos. I heard he told people in the work place that she was his girlfriend and he was hitting it, even after she repeatedly said "NO" to all of his inappropriate behavior and sexual harassment!! Its clear she attempted to do what most scared women would do, which is "play nice" because John @Buccigross has power over her. The man offered to oil himself up and asked her to send him pics and ESPN didnt think that was sexual harassment? REALLY? Im curious to know what they think the definition of sexual harassment is because this is BS! ESPN thinks a 50 something year old white man that has been with the company 20 years (just signed a new 5yr deal btw) can sexually harass a much younger black woman and get away with it while making her look like a liar. This is all retaliation for the fact that she turned down their $400K (lets act like this didnt happen) hush money and decided to gather the other women who were harassed and tell their stories. None of this shocks me, btw. Another attack on a black woman by a powerful entity.

#TBT This is the year I retired from playing pro ball. This is also the year i moved to Atlanta to pursue my broadcasting career while doing some urban modeling (my friends dared me to do it, so eye did). And its ALSO the "Miko" Brent met. Yall still wondering what he saw👀 in my old ass? 🤣I BEEN lit! 💅🏽 #EyeWas31Here #RealHair #RealTits #RealAss #VintageVagina #AgingLikeWine #42Savage #ThatsWhyYouMad 🤷🏽‍♀️

"stay soft. it looks good on you" 🐰

🗣NEW EPISODE ALERT‼️🔥ARGUABLY🔥With all the talk about who's the best wide receiver and corner in the NFL, Miko thought it was time her baby daddy came on to share his opinion, since he happens to be one and covers the other. And since he's here, he #minuswell give his opinion on today's pop culture topics, stats in the NFL, his Super Bowl prediction, TNF, Tom Savage's brain, Chris Bosh and his mama, Z-Bo vs Boogie in a celebrity boxing match, #AllShit! Enjoy!!! #iHeartMikoPodcast #LinkInMyBio #ForTheCulture #BrentGrimes #OptimusGrimes #TheBeigeRanger

CONGRATS BABY DADDY‼️Not just for being DOPE AS FUCK but for giving me ANOTHER REASON to 🗣talk.my.shit. to the stat counting ass fuck boy fans and the corny, dick riding the league favorites head ass media. Everybody thats not stupid knows numbers LIE! But everyone uses numbers to prove their point so here's mine: #BrentGrimes has tied Richard Sherman for most INTs in the NFL in the past FIVE YEARS. This is #20 since 2013! He's also the only player that has 4 or more INTs in the last 4yrs and if he gets one more this season, it'll be FIVE YEARS IN A ROW with 4 or more INTs per season. Keep in mind he's #34Savage and is averaging THREE BALLS IN HIS DIRECTION PER GAME. Men lie. Women lie. Fans lie. The media lies. For at least the last FIVE YEARS, these numbers DONT!!! 🐐🐐🐐 #OptimusGrimes #TheBeigeRanger #ToneThatShitDown #YourFavCornerCouldNever

We lost our instant spark plug last week. 😥When people that havent met her ask me what i remember most about Anna, i say... u couldnt be bored if she was in the room. she found a way to turn up every situation. she was often called "the bartender" and if u needed anything, she was on it! Im gonna live a piece of my life just like she did, always creating the fun and always a ride or die for the people i love! We miss u already and love u so much! #RIPAnna 🙏🏽 #WCW

🗣NEW EPISODE ALERT‼️🔥Who's Your Daddy?🔥Miko grabs @turrondavenport and @ptwrites to give their inputs on the Eagles vs Seahawks game and the continued shenanigans of the 2017 New York Giants. Then later, @causeihustle hops on to discuss the highlights of the NBA, sex robots, sexual assault on women vs men, is Meghan Markle black enough for us, the Lavar Ball rule, and HELLA other topics! Enjoy! #IHeartMikoPodcast #ForCulturalPurposes #BeRespectful #LinkInMyBio @cuffsthelegend 👀👀👀😩☎️

she's a queen, with a little bit of savage. #42Savage 👱🏾‍♀️#nodaysoff

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