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For those of u that dont know, i fux with @wingoz aka Trey Wingo but he done pissed me the FUCK OFF! Noah Spence is out here FLOURISHING and instead of bringing up the FACT that as a rookie, he played damn near the ENTIRE 2016 SEASON with a torn labrum but still had 5.5 sacks and 3 forced fumbles and was Defensive Rookie Of The Month in November 2016 and seems to have picked up right THEE FUCK up where he left off last season, u wanna bring up some old shit! WHY???? What is wrong with you white male sports reporters? Its like u cant just "STICK TO SPORTS" when it comes to black athletes! Yall always gotta throw digs and take shots that have NOTHING to do with TODAY! Lazy ass journalists! You wanna be known for bringing up an athletes "checkered past" instead of the guy that does his HOMEWORK and reports the shit that matters!....like Noah potentially becoming a double digit sack guy for the Bucs in the future. Or that he never quits! Or that he's tough as shit and doesnt take any shit on the field! Or that his dad goes to EVERY GAME, so he has a very solid support system. How bout this... if any of u LAZY ass journalists, analysts, commentators, beat writers and/or no pussy getting ass fuck niggas in the media need any info on the Bucs players, just ask me?! Hit my dms and ill help u sorry ass pieces of shit out! Bitch! 😒Dont fuck with my team! We're focused!

#TBT to arguably my FAV snapchat karaoke performance.😭😭😭Poor brent has to sit thru these performances WEEKLY🤣but this time, he actually enjoyed it bc this song STILL GOES‼️🔥I used to be ready to fight people that said One Wish isnt a classic!😤😂🙌🏽

#TBT Its finally time for some Bucs football!!!😝Last year, i was 🔥LIT🔥win or lose. Aint shit gonna change this year! 😂S/O to all my friends that linked up with me on the road and the one's that flew into Tampa to turn up with me. Yall made it even more dope! I love the memories im creating with u guys and i cant wait to add more! Keep in mind, this might be the last one bc my boo really wanna go play in the G-League before he's washed!😎 #RNS #TeamGrimey #Year11TurnUp #SwipeLeft

Since all of his friends in LA are in school and have a routine, @lilgrimey has been forced to be entertained by me and his foster dinosaur he named "XO-Rex" that he "rescued" from ToysRus.😑He wants to be treated with #RESPECK around his child, even if he's getting on my damn nerves tryna make me babysit while he plays Destiny 2! 😂😂😂 #AidenBae #StillOnVacation

I worked hard for everything I have. Even your resentment, I earned! 👱🏿‍♀️

🗣NEW EPISODE ALERT‼️🔥Vacation Irma🔥DID YA MISS ME? (Varnell Hill voice) Miko and her family ditched Tampa and took off for a week to their home in Hollywood, CA to get out of the way of hurricane Irma. So much has happened in two weeks so catch up with her and @AJFrancis410 on week 1 of the NFL season, TNF & SNF predictions for week 2, Sloan Stevens winning the US Open, 911, and AJ's new album on iTunes NOW titled O.T.A. Enjoy!!! #IHeartMikoPodcast #ForTheCulture #Falcons #Packers #Bengals #Texans #Cowboys #Giants #Chiefs #Patriots

#LessonLearned Dont spend your husbands hard earned money on an amazing charity event for a reality show because the world will only see the drama. Next time, do it OFF CAMERA, invite ONLY your real friends and people that care enough to respect your event. I have to thank the Seeing Stars Foundation, @therealtorkimk @kavitachanne and @kelly_and_julius for being so amazing while i was pulling my hair out to get this event together. Thank you to the MANY PEOPLE that donated items to the silent auction and thank u to everyone that bid on them to support CTE research and awareness. Also... thank you to the wives/athlete partners of this show for remaining classy during my event! It showed we can all get along and be cordial with one another when it comes to something that effects us all. I will have another charity event to continue the research and education of this disease so if anyone would like to help or get involved, hit my email in my bio! 😘 🎥: @omarkelly

*finds good light* 🕯🔦💡Then read these hoes obituary! 🎬#OnSet This BEATING is courtesy of my amazing friend @makeupbymattiemarie. u MURDERED this look! Thx for helping me glam up my braids!😘 #TeamNoMakeUp tho!😩 #TeamTomboy 👱🏿‍♀️🤳🏽👀

For the last time.... EYE DONT KNOW AMNESIA‼️She has been BEGGING ME to be her friend for YEARS‼️I never entertained her bc her man talks shit about me. Does that mean we have beef, NO‼️It simply means WE ARENT FRIENDS‼️OUR KIDS ARENT FRIENDS EITHER‼️I did something HORRIBLE and let these stupid ass producers set me and my son up so now u get to run around saying our kids are friends. THEY WERE NEVER FRIENDS‼️EVER‼️NEITHER WERE WE‼️And even tho your man talked shit about me i STILL didnt have beef with him bc there's 500 men in radio that feel the same way about me that he does! If i had beef with him i wouldve 🔥FLAMED🔥him already on my radio show, my podcast OR my social media. I told u LAST YEAR if u want me to BEGIN a friendship with u i needed an apology from your man. U said id get it and it NEVER HAPPENED so there will be NO LUNCH DATES, NO PLAY DATES, NOTHING BITCH‼️You are BORING‼️😴You're a follower‼️ And u always call me "mikoS" Bitch there's no S in my name!🙄Then your childish ass is telling Kelly she gotta choose! FOR WHAT U FUCKING HIGH SCHOOL MEAN GIRL?‼️Why cant she be friends with the both of us? U guys were afraid she'd get to know me and LIKE ME and she did!!! HA‼️Kelly is a real bitch! She has her own opinions, and she'd NEVER do a show that REJECTED HER THE FIRST TIME BC SHE WAS TOO BORING, then come back with a made up a beef with me to get back on the show! You belong right the fuck where u are! With Kijafa! U need someone to tell your boring ass what to do, how to feel and who to like! #PuppetAssHoe

#FuckYourFlag beloved‼️ And i mean that with ALL disrespect! Salute to @mpjuiceman for putting his money where his mouth is! #TNF

Look how pork chop whitlock got SILENT when he realized YOU CAN TALK YO SHIT IF YOUR MAN THAT NIGGA‼️That's #Kaep only issue! He's not top 5 in the league. If he was, theyd have to deal with him. Also... Nobody's cutting a star bc of a relative or significant others' opinions. Shit i was causing HELL in Miami and they refused to cut my man until i went SUPER LOW‼️And to be CLEAR, Nessa is NOT the reason the Ravens didnt sign #Kaep. But if they can make u an example to all the other black athletes that might follow u, and their significant others that support them, they will. I guarantee u if AR12 kneeled he'd have a job with all 31 other teams besides the Patriots. This is about silencing the #WOKE potential athletes/activists that can help put a magnifying glass on racism and social injustices in #ameriKKKa! If u arent doing something or speaking out AGAINST this shit by now, you're OK with it. And i dont care what color u are! Being OK with this is WRONG! And until its right, all we're gonna do is fight! ✊🏽#MeeksLogic

#SwipeLeft 🔥Congrats BRENT 🙄😤on your first win in H.O.R.S.E. vs me! My 9yr streak was officially broken this past weekend and #HardKnocks didnt even air it!😩But a bet is a bet so im posting it on instagram to let EVERYBODY KNOW Brent beat me!🙄🙄🙄Thanks to the guys at @nflfilms for being so cool to me and my family during filming! When i talk shit about the NFL, just know im never talking about u guys!😂😘 #HardKnocks #HBO #TampaBayBuccaneers #BrentGrimes #OptimusGrimes #TheBeigeRanger #AidenBae

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