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Miko Grimes 💋  A.Real.One.Need.A.Real.One. #iHeartMikoPodcast on iTunes/Audioboom/iHeartRadio Business: iHeartMikoGrimes@gmail.com JDDWatt@gmail.com


🗣NEW EPISODE ALERT‼️🔥Issa Double Standard🔥Miko asked AO @a2dao, an And1 Mixtape legend with one of the rudest opinions around, to give his take on the trending topics in sports and pop culture. She ends up kicking him off the podcast because the shit gets even too real for Miko. Enjoy! #iHeartMikoPodcast #ForCulturalPurposes #InsecureHBO #McGregorvsMayweather #Usher #RKelly #LuckyWhitehead #LinkInMyBio Idk what yall waitin on to fuck with me!!! My shit is 🔥🔥🔥‼️😝😝😝

Professional Football Players: Its that time of year again. Where the guys that cant do 1/10th of the things u can do begin to gather in your mentions to talk shit to u about a sport they've NEVER played past pop warner, IF THAT, while you've been playing damn near your whole life. They SWEAR they have the GM on speed dial so the MINUTE u fuck up, your ass is OUTTA HERE with a single tweet to an intern that runs the teams social media page.🙄Join me this season as i attempt to do something Ive never been able to do before... laugh at them. Do nothing more! Dont give them the energy they need to work at their thankless job. Dont give their miserable little lives a bright spot with a reply from u. Just laugh. We're all gonna laugh. Because while they've chosen to tweet u about things they have NO CONTROL OVER, the things in my picture above are causing them to be late on their rent, car notes and child support! But they're too stupid to realize they're being raped worse than the players that make millions to entertain them! So lets laugh! 😁😀😂😭🤣 #MeeksLogic

NFL Training Camp kicks off this week! How did your favorite corner prepare for 2017? Mine whooped ass in the mixed martial arts gym at @chamberfitness with @navarrete9673. Id bet money #TheBeigeRanger is gonna whoop EVEN MO ASS up and down the Bucs schedule this season. #YouveBeenWarned #Year12 #TheyKeepTrynaDeleteOneOfTheYears #BecauseItWasPlayedInNFLEuropa #KEYWORD #NFL 🙄 #AndHeWonTheSuperBowl #TheyGotJokes #WeGotARingHoe #PutSomeRespeckOnHisJourney #BrentGrimes #OptimusGrimes #34Savage #YourFavCouldNever #MCM

you're like 9-5, im the weekend. 👱🏿‍♀️

Dear Bae: 🗣Happy 34th Born Day‼️😝💋🎈😍🎁🎉🎊❤️🎂🍾🥂I love youuuuuuuu!!!😘😘😘 Just dont get it in my eye this time, it stings!😩#BrentGrimes #TheBeigeRanger #OptimusGrimes #SwipeLeft 👀 #CakeLord 👱🏿‍♀️👱🏿‍♀️👱🏿‍♀️s/o @missprisscupcakesandsuch for the 🔥🔥🔥cake! That "and such" in the store name can go a LOOOOOONG way!😂😂😂

🗣NEW EPISODE ALERT‼️🔥Four Goons And A Coon🔥 Miko, Master and Omar take you on a 2+hour ride thru the shenanigans in sports today. But before they do, listen in as Taxstone and Miko catch up by cracking jokes and discussing his podcast plans while fighting gun possession and murder charges from prison. #BeSafeTho #IHeartMikoPodcast #LinkInMyBio (spodify link coming soon! be patient)

🗣NEW EPISODE ALERT‼️🔥The Three Amigos🔥The Three Amigos got together again to do what they do best... Talk Shit!!! The discussion included: 'The NFL's Money Is Funny', 'How Amber Rose Is Saving Hip Hop', 'Rob Got Robbed', 'Vince McMahon Is Still G.O.A.T', and 'Why In The FUCK Did Brent Let Miko On A Reality Show'??? Enjoy!!! #IHeartMikoPodcast #ForCulturalPurposes (sorry im late! link in my bio!)

I got ISSUES‼️ 😝😝😝 #SportsIllustrated #TeamGrimey Pick this up on newsstands or read it online if u support a real one! 😘 #LinkInMyBio

"say lil bitch, u cant fuck wit me, if u wanted to" #bodakyellow #42Savage 👱🏿‍♀️

I am a brutally soft woman. Proceed with caution.

S/O to everybody that says they support me but have never posted my podcast link or asked anyone to listen. S/O to the people ive asked to come on my podcast but u keep putting me off bc maybe my podcast isnt big enough for u. I know, i get it. U think it doesnt matter to me bc my podcast doesnt feed my family. Its about support, loyalty, and love. As u can see, your non-support hasnt stopped me from winning in the grand scheme of this thing called LIFE! I say all that to say this: Im coming to LA this weekend. 😁 #iHeartMikoPodcast 🔥🔥🔥

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