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Peter Hodgson  Journalist, guitarist, Seymour Duncan social media guy, probably other stuff. Whatever. Expect pics of guitars, me and my dog.


I'm not sure how I feel about this #RogueOne special edition. #Mendo #Tarkin #SweetCape #StarWars

Kind of obsessed with this night light I saw last week. #seal

Here's my other dog, which I've had since I was tiny. I used to think it had super-kind eyes so I'd look at it's widdle face when I was feeling the unimaginable stresses and pressures one feels when one is, like, 4.

Les Ennui De La Churro. #velourchurro

Such a great album. #XTC #WaspStar #AppleVenus

Saw these critters in a shop window the other night and hadda take a pic.

We saw #BladeRunner on the big screen on the weekend. Love that theme song. "Who's that guy running on the blade? It's Blade Runner! Blade Runner! Who's drinkin' shots like they lemonade? Blade Runner! Blade Runner! He's coming to get ya so ya better beware! He might even get ya in your underwear! He's Blade Runner! Blade Runner!"

Current bass crushes. 😍

Was just pondering this and decided to meme it. Whatever. #music #metal #satan

I made this after seeing some cool kids on the street just now. 😂 #AnnieHall #WoodyAllen #Iwasquitecharming

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