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Rachel Lynch  new york based artist ♥️ photos, paintings, lingerie, locations, feelings

cozy pizza date 🍕

my heart and soul were never mine to own 💙

cool girls club 🌸

shake me all out when you’re done ✨💖

she takes film photos & sings elvis songs after dark 🌟

even my lingerie is ready for fall 🍂

i love paint, lingerie, nicotine fingers, long runs and blush on my cheeks. i love imperfections and marks from your love on my body. i love when i am free enough to merge all my thinking - the daily routine with the creative process. when art becomes life, and there is no cognitive dissonance.
when i am calm enough to realize that everything is everything- painting is running, and artistic excellence is athletic excellence.
when i’m bold enough to see outside what i’ve been told.
self-worth is built upon through doing the things that scare you and lifting the things that have been designed to weight you down. you build upon your worth by developing positive experiences in pursuing your passions.
that is why everyday is so important - we are creating, moving, progressing. every book, song, trip, person is contributing to the narrative.
become brave enough to write your own story. be messy and own all of it. ✨


friday’s are for drinking red wine & being queen of my caste ♥️

how we do anything is how we do everything ♥️

keep making trouble till you find what you love 💖

baby’s all right ✨✨

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