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Sometimes there is inspiration hidden within your group… Find it and embrace it like these athletes did. JR RYPT crushing PR's this week! #BillyTheDolphin #HANK #LoveWhatYouDo #GirlsThatDanceLift #DAVE

When it's not time to bring the juice during training sessions, it's time for #DadLife. A great time for some continuing education with PN-Lv1 #alwayslearning #Dalton

"Not everyone will understand your journey, that's fine. It's not their journey to make sense of, it's yours" #mondaymotivation

What an amazing weekend hosting the Complete Speed & Power Summit here at RYPT by @athletesacceleration . Thank you to all the coaches who attended, speakers who spoke, and staff who made it possible.

The RYPT brand is something that embodies us as people. From current staff, to former interns, to brand new interns. We work together and continue to grow as not only a business, but a family within the strength and conditioning community. Awesome first day at the Speed & Power Summit. #getRYPT #stayRYPT

Awesome week to finish up #SpringCleaning for our HS athletes. New PRs were set in the weight room all week.
#swipe #blockclean #hangclean #powerclean

First week in the books for the College athletes who were back in town. A lot of energy in the building during the early AM sessions. Going to be a big summer once everyone gets back from school! #summerRYPT

It's always an honor when you see an athlete's hard work and dedication pay off. Congratulations to these #RYPT athletes from Shore HS who signed their letters of intent to play at D3 schools. Thank you for letting us be a part of this experience.
Time to keep working! See you in the pre-college group during #summerRYPT

With our athlete centered approach, each athlete gets an individualized experience in the group setting here at @igotrypt. #educate #MakingBetterAthletes #MakingBetterPeople

Week 11 : Linear Movement -Contrast Sprints w/ the Prowler.
#GetAfterIt #TestWeekNextWeek #getRYPT

"There are no traffic jams along the extra mile." #mondaymotivation

Happy Mother's Day to all the RYPT Moms out there. We appreciate all that you do, driving athletes to training sessions, practices, and games. #ThankYou

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