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igmorocco  " Sara" -Moroccan 🇲🇦 Swedish 🇸🇪 📍located currently in Sevilla -Blogger/influencer /writer and Music Lover -Wife ❤ Mum -Snapchat : igmorocco ⤵

going home??? No...
Sevilla is a Hell city...i can't believe its already Hot as the worse day's in summer 😑

I found my future Photographer @benjellountalal 👏
you guys will be the judge....#stay #tuned
لقيت المصور ......صافي دابا نوريكم خدمتو ....ولا جاتكم عيانة نتري عليه 😄 @benjellountalal
#فضحتك #دابا #ملزوم #تجي #عدنا 😄

i am a bag addicted.....but my love for watchs will never end
welcome to my collection you beautiful woody Thing ❤ @laimer_woodwatch 😍
#wood with #swarovski dots
my first wood watch 😍
yes or no??? انا مضروووووبة على الماغنات و الصيكان
ممكن نقتل راسي بالجوع باش نشريهم ههههه
هادي اول ماغانة ليا ديال الخشب....صافي عيا بنادم من الحديد و البلاستيك
الخشبوني تايم ❤

my Love 💙

last but not the least this perfume i got for my husband .....im not super good with perfumes but he loves it and thats all i need to hear 💙

@Mugler @octoly_es @octoly
#gifted #honestreview #octolyfamily"

i can't leave my house without this treasure ..... its very important to keep your hands clean all the time .....and this product have been very helpful .
i won't stop ordering it specially they all comes out with different smell .
thank you @mercihandy with spoiling me with your generosity every time i order that
and for @octoly_es
to let me discover this amazing product
#mercihandy #gifted #honestreview #octolyfamily

i got this night cream a few months ago for @octoly_es and i was waiting for good results so i can recommend it and make an honest review...
its a night Cream for womens over age 40 ....anti-wrinkles
the results are incredible ....she loves it .....and her skin is more glowing ❤
definitely and highly recommending this.
@clarinsespana #clarins #gifted #honestreview #octolyfamily

Good morning beautiful people
going all white for the first time LoL
have a great week end ❤

top @bottafashion
pants @veronacollection
bag @elisgoyard

its been a yeaaar
happy birthday Naèl
the joy of our life...the light of our house.
you are the best gift that God gave us ....that day will stay always in our hearts.
thanks for making me smile everytime i feel down
happy birthday piece of cake ❤
i love you more then my own life .

بحال اليوم وليت ام...لهلا يحرم شي واحد❤
سنة سعيدة نؤولتي
بغيت نشارك معاكن فرحتي
حيت بزاف داك نهار شاركوها معايا.
اليوم عيد المراة و عيد ولدي اللي كان احسن هدية عطاهالي ربي
فينما كيدوز عليا وقت صعيب و كنكون ضعيفة...غير كنشوف فيه كنسى الدنيا و ما فيها
سنة سعيدة كبيدتي ❤
الفرحة ما قداتناش انا و شكيب هاداك نهار ....لهلا يحرم شي واحد

getting ready to go out for a late diner now that i have someone to keep nael With #yeeey
dress : @houseofmastore
sandals : D for Dasia
bag : @boutikesh
watch : @michaelkors

lately I've been sick and stress out most of my time .....I needed a place like that to just chill and not think at all .....this place was one of the places I won't forget the view or the smell or the fresh oxygen it's called " Ronda " ( spain ) i though i was a stronge mum....but being a mum is the hardest Job ever .....
so here I am....new videos on youtube coming up soon .....new postings and writing also....so much to share....thanks for being so loyal and loving my instagram profile....love you all ❤ . .
مؤخرا ركبني واحد ستريص و تلفة ...تا انا ما بقيتش نعرف راصي....
جاب الله جاو واليدين راجلي الله يخليهم ليا و ساراوني قالولي نبدل الحيوط....اللي قال الامومة ساهلة بغيت نشوف فيه بلا ما نقول تا كلمة و نشبع غا ضحك.
المهم....مشيت هاد المدينة....بعدا المعروف على اسبانيا هيا رخيصة و رخص من المغرب ....و الواحد ممكن يجلس فبلايص وااااعرة و يشرب فيها قهوة لااااا طارت توصل خمسطاش درهم....فالمغرب راه الشحط و النحط و خصوصا فالمدون الكبار كيخلعو الاتمنة...باز.
المهم بلاصة فنة بين الجبال و فيها آثار ديال العرب خيرنا مشتت هنا و مهليين فيه و حنى عدنا كيتفرتت....
المهم...هانا رجعت تاني ....الناس اللي تيسولو و مازال متبعيني لهلا يخطيكم عليا ....الجديد جاي قريب نشاء الله و انحاول ما نغبرش .
مواااااح ❤

one of the places i highly recommend " Ronda " ❤

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