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▪️Photography is the easiest art, which perhaps makes it the hardest!

▪️Your body can tell if the person you interact with is good for you


▪️It makes my heart beat with pride, to see the colors of Independence Day spreading happiness and great joys all around. Happy Independence Day to you all 🇮🇳 @arrahman

▪️When you're honest, you open doors to loyalty. Loyalty is opening you another doors - doors to friendliness. Be friendly and hug others with friendliness, show them your inner beauty. You can only win. The more you do it, the more vigor and passion will come.


▪️Chai 👌🏽 @brewing.latte

▪️ The curious case of the window. @mirrors.and.pixels

▪️ 'The colour of life' .

I had a unique experience yesterday, when I was exploring Jaisalmer fort. A beautiful lady, wearing a stunning Indian sari while holding his sleeping son, approached me when I was chiling at the front gate. She saw me photographing and so she purposed her self to be captured by my camera. I was surprised as I did not expect that coming. I then shot my camera shutter at her and captured a stunningly warm smile from her. @seluzfahik

▪️ A morning in the City of Lakes, Udaipur, India.
I'm not sure what everyone thinks about drone boomerangs but I like them so I'm going to keep going haha.
This was a very memorable morning that started a couple hours before sunrise. Me and @anirudh0802 ran around in the dark looking for the best sunrise spot. After 30 minutes of running through unlit narrow alleyways we found the spot or so we thought. After setting up our gear (time-lapse sliders, drones) we waited for sunrise. When dawn was only a few minutes away, a towering figure emerged from the darkness brushing his teeth. It was the same guard we saw the previous day! He was getting ready to go back to work in a completely different part of a city where we ran into him before. Udaipur has hundreds of thousands of people. In the early pre dawn hours of our search, we had hardly seen any other people until he appeared. He was just as surprised as us! Although he didn't think it was funny I look back on it and laugh. He must have thought we followed him. This location was our plan B so everything worked out! Udaipur is known as the Venice of the East and I can't wait to return! @ewingnicholas

▪️ The quiet dream you are too shy to tell yourself,
That is the voice you must follow.


▪️Fly like an 🦅

▪️At the end of each journey you are a different person.


▪️Don't give any attention to your fears and they will disappear.
Accept, observe and they will fade away.


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