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📷: @amyulo, chosen by: @elbow_macaroni | Where’s your favorite view of the city? Share with us on #igerschicago!

📷 by: @john__guerin
Chosen by: @relaxocat
🌞 We're hoping to see more of the sun! It's almost the weekend - big plans anyone? 😎
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📷 by: @craftonandrew •• Chosen by @cmykchicago | 💦+☂️=☔️
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📸 by: @mushroomstew · Chosen by: @relaxocat • Let's end hump day with a nice 🌈 of sorts to brighten up the day. Don't worry it will warm up... In a month or two...

📸: by: @waddy722 · Chosen by: @city_in_a_garden • Happy Wednesday everyone! And it's good news... It's not snowing... Yet, maybe later.❄️❄️🌷❄️☀️🌷☀️☀️

📷 by: @seth.and.the.city • Chosen by:@relaxocat

Gettin' gritty in ol' 312!
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📷 by: @juanmontoya.shotz
Chosen by: @city_in_a_garden • Do you think we've seen the last of the snow? We sure hope so!
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📷 by: @flippydave • Chosen by: @cmykchicago
Happy Monday everyone! We hope you had a great weekend!
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📷: @jacoblvcas, chosen by: @elbow_macaroni | As a friendly Friday PSA, don’t forget to wash your clothes every now and again.
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📷 by: @w0lffl0w •• Chosen by @relaxocat | 💥
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📷 by: @fifthstrike •• Chosen by @cmykchicago | This week is zooming right along! Go out there and enjoy this beautiful day as much as you can!
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📸: by: @iantashley • Chosen by: @city_in_a_garden • How nice was the weather today! You will be glad to here that winter will be returning soon, just in time for the weekend ☹️.

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